Schwarze Industry Introducing New Products, Improvements for 2010

A company that has been in the street sweeper business for more than 30 years knows how to keep its customers happy. That’s why Schwarze Industries is eager to begin 2010 with an array of product changes based on customer requests.

The Huntsville, Alabama-based company is releasing its new GS6 Regenerative Air Street Sweeper this year, debuting after a successful introduction in the European market, according to company head Raymond Massey.

“Based on these extremely positive results, we have decided to move forward with distribution of this new machine for the North and South American markets. The GS6 includes a 6.5 cubic yard debris hopper, 39 inch diameter gutter brooms with optional hydraulic tilt and GEO (and) a 250 gallon dust suppression system,” Massey said.

The machine has a “standard sweeping head with our new hydraulic curtain lifter and our new automated sweeper standby system. The engineering on the new GS6 is cutting edge with a completely new approach to sweeper frame design and auxiliary engine mounting.”

To further meet customers’ demands, Schwarze is introducing standard LED lighting for all of its sweeper products this year, with the exception of the floodlights. “While the floodlights are still incandescent, we are offering an LED option. The addition of LEDs lowers the overall electric draw and increases the life expectancy of the light and alternator,” Massey explained. More importantly, the LED lighting has lower maintenance costs.

“We have several additional changes to current products based on the requests from our customers that include new extremely durable inspection door latches for all machines, a new gutter broom design with extended reach,” he said.

In addition, the company has made RPM changes for the S333SE model and hopper screen changes for the 3471 and 3481 machines. It has also changed the hopper design of the A4000 to increase capacity and added a bolt-in suction tube, a bolt-on hopper shroud and a hydraulically operated steel dump door.
Schwarze has redesigned the water system on the A4000 to the current field proven electric pump (that is) utilized on other A series machines. finally, the company has added an optional pneumatic gutter broom down pressure controls for the A7000, and A8000 models.

“Our goal for 2010 is to continue to improve the Schwarze Industries, Inc. product offering and reduce the overall cost of unit ownership of Schwarze products to increase the overall profits of our end users,” Massey said.