NAPSA Survey

Each month, NAPSA takes the time to submit articles describing something about the organization, an area the organization is focused on, or something newsworthy in the industry. NAPSA would also like to highlight the experience of its members in the sweeping industry.. Have you learned something valuable to share? Have you met a person who has brought you further knowledge of the industry? Have you recognized the importance of NAPSA membership and/or becoming a Certified Sweeping Contractor and want to share your experience with the industry?

NAPSA is looking for your input to help our industry. What’s being done right? What would you like to see more of? At the recent Sweeper Roundtable held at the NPE in Nashville, the membership provided ideas such as NAPSA should find a way to better educate property owners regarding the value of hiring a quality contractor. Another suggestion was to launch an education program in conjunction with the equipment manufacturers. Both ideas, as well as others, are being considered and pursued. What’s your idea? Is there something that you’re business or the industry needs but you’re unsure how to find it? Ask NAPSA.  With the experience and knowledge of the industry’s only trade association, the information is probably readily available.


As a member of NAPSA, or a participant in the industry, your information is helpful. Please take the time to copy and fill out this small survey and fax it to Kristy Baier, NAPSA’s Membership Coordinator at 856-439-0525. Thank you for your time!