NAPSA Can Help You to Stay in the Know

There is a constant flurry of human resource changes, insurance changes and regulatory changes that will affect most industries including the street sweeper industry. Are you up to date with these changes to legislation? Do you know about and understand that there are immediate changes going into effect in the western U.S. that will no doubt be a national issue in the not so distant future?

The member section of the NAPSA website offers tools to our membership that will keep them updated on these issues. Additionally, there are NAPSA board members actively involved in battling changes that are believed to be unfair or could lead to damaging the current status of the industry, such as the emission changes being discussed by the State of California.

In the member section of the NAPSA website you can find information pertaining to regulations that restrict health risk assessments in wellness initiatives. There are educational items detailing the ease with which an employee can file discrimination claims from their home computers and how an employer can battle employees who may choose to blog about their company or employer. There are links to reports produced by experts in industry law that explain a company’s rights or responsibilities regarding Family Medical Leave, Whistle Blower laws and state initiatives to address non-compete agreements as well as many other issues effecting business owners.

Getting access to this information is simple and the knowledge gained; along with the additional benefits of membership, make the cost of this information a must for sweeping professionals.  To learn more, please visit and sign up today.