So many times we use this space to try to recruit members for the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA). This time, we would like to thank those who have seen the value of membership in the premier trade association to the sweeping industry and remind you to take advantage of the perks of membership.

As a member of NAPSA you have access to educational opportunities offered throughout the year through webinars and classes at various tradeshows. As a member you can also be found easily by potential customers using the Contractor Locator on the association website, Members have entrance into the website where you can find updates to legislative or environmental issues critical to the industry. You also have access to the prestigious Certified Sweeping Contractor recognition that is helping many others like yourself to gain opportunities through this certification by showing their professionalism and dedication to bettering the industry.

Additionally, members have access to things like a discounted payroll processing system, free law advice, customized insurance, and an attractive fuel rebate program. On top of these benefits, there are also supplier discounts that easily cover the cost of membership. Some of the partners offering discounts include Donaldson Filtration Systems, Elgin, Schwarze Industries, United Rotary Brush and Victory Sweepers. View these discounts on the association website.

Another way to benefit from membership is to be active in your association. We are always looking for new ideas and fresh input. If there are things you’d like to see happen in your industry, if there are issues that you feel need addressed, let us know. Better yet, go to the website and volunteer to sit it on a committee or work toward becoming a board member. The association will only ever be as good as its members. And the members aren’t heard unless they speak!

So don’t waste your opportunity. You’ve recognized the value of membership and made the commitment. Now take advantage of what NAPSA brings to you!!!