New NAPSA Programs

Non-Members can sign up with their next parts order and receive immediate savings!  Equipment manufacturer’s such as Schwarze and NiteHawk are offering an immediate savings to Non Members of NAPSA, if they agree to join the organization.  The cost to join NAPSA is minimal, so the immediate discount could be enough to pay for your new membership!  Just contact the parts department to discuss the details!

If you haven’t joined, there’s a bounty on your head!  As an organization, the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) realizes that there are newcomers to the industry or good companies that are successful without making themselves accessible through normal means of correspondence.  Therefore, in an effort to continuously educate and increase the professionalism in the industry, NAPSA is asking our members to talk to their counterparts and competitors about the benefits of NAPSA.  In fact if you promote the organization successfully, and you recruit a new paid member, you yourself will be paid $50.00.  Just download the membership application from the NAPSA website and make sure your company is listed as the referring company.

Do you have equipment to sell?  A new member benefit that’s been added to the North American Power Sweeping Association website is the ability to add classified advertisements for all website visitors to view.  This new opportunity is being offered to Members, Associate Members and Partners only.  The posted ad can contain up to 75 words and one photo.  Additionally, when you place an ad, there will be a brief description added to the monthly NAPSA e-newletter.  The cost of the classified ads is:

  1. $25.00/month per ad for NAPSA Members, or $50.00 for 3 months!
  2. $250.00/quarter for Associate Members and Partners to place up to 15 ads.


Additional details for all of these programs can be found