NAPSA To Launch Mentor Program

Within the next few weeks, and maybe even by the time you read this article, NAPSA will launch a mentoring program. This program will be offered ONLY to NAPSA members. The purpose of the program is to bring members together to exchange information and to provide value to your NAPSA membership.

NAPSA members will be able to complete an application if they are interested in serving as a mentor or if they would like to be a mentee. Once this application is received, mentors will be matched up with mentees based on several factors. As an example, someone who is new to the industry sweeping only parking lots would be assigned a mentor who also sweeps parking lots. We will also pair members who are newer to the association with members who have been involved for a while.

In the power sweeping business we are each others best resources. NAPSA is looking to provide the means to best utilize these resources.

Do you remember what it is like to be just starting out? Will you step up to be a mentor? Additional information will be made available soon. NAPSA will send out a formal announcement once the program launches. Continue to check for news and updates on all NAPSA programs.