Naspa September 2010

As a business owner, have you ever wished for an opportunity to talk to someone who’s been there and done that? Do you have questions regarding the dos and don’ts of making a profit with your sweeping company?

Do some of your other questions include?

  1. What should I look for in estimating a sweeper contract?
  2. Is there a difference between an estimate and a bid and what are the pros and cons of each?
  3. How should I develop a strategy for my business?
  4. What other services can I offer and where do they fit in my company?

The North American Power Sweeping Association is providing you an opportunity to talk to “That Guy” and get those answers. On September 1, at 5:00 PM EDT, NAPSA will offer a webinar entitled “Tips and Tools for Estimating a Profitable Parking Lot Contract.” The 60 minute webinar will be hosted and presented by Carl Barton.

Mr. Barton, who is currently the NAPSA President, will be speaking more about his experience in building a successful sweeping company. Aardvark Sweeping Services was started by Mr. Barton back in 1996 with him driving his one truck.  The small sweeping company is now a full-service property maintenance company with 32 vehicles which offer many different tools that provide this full-service capability.

Mr. Barton has stated that he’s not doing this webinar as President of NAPSA. He’s doing this because he feels he has valuable information to offer and his position gives him a platform in which he can share his knowledge. Mr. Barton said that “This is information I wish someone had shared with me years ago. I receive several calls a year from sweeping companies requesting advice. The universal answer to all of them is covered in this webinar. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginning sweeper or a seasoned veteran, this webinar will have value for your company. Iron sharpens iron and it’s the same with open minded business people”

You can conveniently attend this webinar from your own office.  For more information and to register for the webinar, please go to