NAPSA Brings Quality Education to the Sweeping Industry

NAPSA has been extremely busy lately bringing quality education to the desktops of our members, as well as nonmembers. On September 1st, NAPSA President, Carl Barton, presented “Tips and Tools for Estimating a Profitable Parking Lot Contract” via webinar. The webinar was a hit! One participant stated, “The information was so good I wanted even more.”

The September 1st webinar was then followed up by a webinar entitled “What Does it Really Cost to Run Your Sweeping Operation?” This topic was presented by Gerry Kesselring, NAPSA Past President, on October 6th. Mr. Kesselring instructed participants on how to assess the “complete” costs of operating their equipment and running their business. The post-webinar reviews were fantastic! An anonymous participant raved, “This course was valuable whether you just started a business or have been in the field for 25 years. For me, it filled in some blanks regarding depreciation of equipment and how to account for trucks already written off but still include them in the cost matrix. NAPSA this was a home run!” The NAPSA staff and volunteers could not be happier with the success of these programs.

But it doesn’t end there! NAPSA will continue to bring you education within the next few months. During Gerry Kesselring’s webinar presentation, he stressed how important it is that everyone attends the National Pavement Expo, February 2-5, 2011. This conference is going to be packed with networking and educational events. Thursday, February 3rd will be “sweeper day” at the National Pavement Expo. The Thursday schedule will include “Best Practices for Contract Sweeper”. The topics this year at the best practices workshop will include:

  • Using Social Networking to Increase Sales
  • Developing the Next Generation in Your Business
  • How Networking Through Associations Can Increase Your Sales
  • Best Hiring Practices for Contract Sweepers
  • Maximizing GPS in Your Business
  • Key Measurements To Use in Your Street Sweeping Business

The Thursday program will also include the Sweeper Roundtable, the NAPSA Business Meeting, and more. Reduced registration rates are available for NAPSA members.

NAPSA is also pleased to bring back Kraig Kramers to the National Pavement Expo for the second year in a row. On Friday, February 4th, Kraig Kramers will present “The Profitmaker’s Toolchest”. This must-see presentation will cover more than one hundred and fifty plug-and-play tools for rapid profit acceleration in your company. Kraig Kramers will show you how and when to use these powerful tools while dealing with the real world challenges of:

  • Cash-flow
  • Capitalization
  • People, and
  • Process

In this fully-stocked session you’ll also learn the "Top 10 Tool Kits" for excelling with:

  • Customers
  • Financing
  • Strategy
  • Goal achievement, and
  • Celebrating your business successes.

Plus, take home the "Top 10" most-implemented and most-impactful tools of the entire Profitmaker’s Toolchest for almost instant success! A can’t-miss session for owners, top-level managers, and anyone responsible for growing profit dollars! NAPSA members will again receive a reduced registration rate for this exciting educational session.

Go to for more information on the 2011 National Pavement Expo.

NAPSA looks forward to bringing education to our members year round. If you are interested in presenting a webinar presentation or if there is a specific topic you would like to see presented, please contact NAPSA Headquarters at

We will see everyone at NPE West, December 9-11, 2010 in Las Vegas and then again at NPE, February 2-5, 2011 in Nashville.