Schwarze Promotes Dealer Development by Hosting Innovative Com V Sales Training

Schwarze Industries, one of the world’s largest street sweeper and asphalt patcher manufacturers, has enlisted Com V Ltd. to assist their dealers in developing stronger sales skills.

Com V Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Bill Munn and is designed to help develop and train employees to uncover personal productive and counterproductive habits, and then change the latter. “I moved through a number of positions in the company I used to work for,” said Munn. “And I ended up becoming a group director of product sales and training. Just before my retirement, I was asked to put something in writing for my course.” That something was his book 54321…The Journey to a Sale, which is a complete set of notes for the classroom training he now conducts with his business. “It represents everything I have learned and taught over the years.

“Unlike other sales processes, 54321 is applied from the ‘inside, out’ to create changes in the individual by eliminating their common fears and attitudes that lead to ineffective sales behaviors. Then we discuss the five steps to a sale. Those two processes contribute to the transformation of a person into a highly qualified sales person.”

Raymond Massey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Schwarze Industries, contacted Munn last November after reading his book. “I’ve got nothing but praise for the book and the process,” said Massey. “I actually showed it to one of our regional sales managers, Terry Parsons, and coincidentally he had not only read the book but worked and trained with Bill. So we called him up and got things rolling.”

Munn doesn’t claim to be the best sales person on the planet. “I’ve made every mistake in the book,” said Munn. “And this isn’t about those all-star sales reps, either. This is about just regular people. Men and women who really want to improve their livelihood, their sense of accomplishment, the whole nine yards.”

Schwarze’s Southeast regional reps have already gone through the course, and Schwarze has now set their sights on training the Midwest and Central US regions. They hope to finish the sales training with their Northeast and Southwest regions before the end of the year.

For more information on Com V Ltd. or 54321…The Journey to a Sale, visit or contact Bill Munn at 815.672.6359.