Elgin Sweeper recently introduced a glycol recovery sweeper (GRS) option for the Crosswind® high-performance regenerative air sweeper. The optional model includes all the sweeping performance, maintenance and design features of the Crosswind sweeper, which has been popular with users worldwide for more than 20 years. The Crosswind GRS is ideal for efficient sweeping and removal of debris and environmentally damaging glycol and other deicing fluid runoff on airways and gate locations before it migrates into the ecosystem.

“Elgin Sweeper customers are looking for equipment to help them comply with tough environmental regulations year-round,” said Brian Giles, sweeper product manager at Elgin Sweeper. “We’re confident the versatility of the Crosswind GRS model will not only help airports comply with rigorous standards for controlling glycol and other deicing fluid run-off, it will revolutionize the way they manage their cleaning  equipment use through the ability to sweep debris and remove glycol with the same piece of equipment.”

According to Giles, the optional model doesn’t require any modifications when switching from sweeping debris from runways and taxiways throughout the year to glycol removal in snow and ice conditions.

The sweeper’s rear dump body design is equipped with a high-flow pump system that makes it easy to safely pump off a load of glycol into an evacuation tanker or at a dump site. For below-grade catch tanks,  the fast rear door dumping capability of the debris tank gets the Crosswind GRS back to work quickly, whether sweeping runways or removing glycol.

Specially designed baffles installed in the sweeper’s hopper help reduce liquid slosh without impeding sweeping or dumping operations. For convenience, the operator can monitor the liquid level of the hopper from outside the sweeper or with the in-cab indicator light on the control panel that signals a full hopper load.

The Crosswind GRS is suited for airport applications in all weather conditions, all temperatures and in wet or dry environments.

For additional information on the optional Crosswind GRS model or to schedule a demonstration, please see your local Elgin Sweeper dealer or visit www.elginsweeper.com.