NAPSA Membership Has Its Benefits

As we welcome the new year, we at NAPSA headquarters are preparing for 2011. One of the things we evaluate regularly is the benefits we offer our members. NAPSA members have a variety of benefits to take advantage of from supplier discounts to a free employee law hotline.

We have previously asked our membership what benefit they take advantage of the most and have received varying answers. One member likes the fact that he can say he is a member of the North American Power Sweeping Association. He says that many property managers know the value of belonging to an association and being a member of NAPSA helps him get that competitive edge.
Another member stated that he takes advantage of all of the discounts we offer on NPE registration each year and his savings are more than his annual membership dues. The relationships he has developed at NPE have helped him to learn more about the sweeping industry and grow his company.

The reduced cost of membership to the International Council of Shopping Centers is also an important benefit to many of our members. NAPSA joins ICSC at the Associate level and its members can join as an Affiliate member for a reduced cost. This benefit is a $600 per year savings for our members!

Members can take advantage of reduced insurance costs too. The Clean Streets Insurance Program offers a discount to NAPSA members and they double that discount for our Certified Sweeping Companies (CSC). You can even use your current insurance agent! Just have him or her call them directly for more information.

Our newest partner, Colonial Life, is offering a new special benefits program to our members. They offer benefits counseling, enrollment support, beneficiary confirmation and paperless enrollment. Their Life Program includes life insurance, short-term disability, accident insurance and cancer insurance.

Many of NAPSA’s Partners offer discounts to our members as well. Donaldson Filtration Systems offers 50% off the list price on all air, liquid and hydraulic filters. Elgin and Schwarze offer 20% off their list price on parts and United Rotary Brush offers 40% off their list price on all replacement brooms. Victory Sweepers has many different offers on factory-direct items.

Those are just a few of the benefits that we offer to our members that save them more than the cost of their membership each year. Others include: payroll processing, credit card processing, fuel rebates, and discounted website development. More information regarding NAPSA’s benefits can be found on our website at