North American Power Sweeping Association Environmental and Legislative Committee Seeks Clarification on Requirements

Sweepers working in California deal with legislative and environmental issues daily. This atmosphere continues to roll out across the United States. NAPSA has formed three committees to specifically monitor and maintain the ever changing requirements. One of these committees, the California committee, has taken a proactive stance on clarifying requirements for sweepers.

The California Committee is currently working toward clarification on implementation dates for the On Road Bus & Truck Rule as well as how the Portable Engine Registration Program (PERP) rule as it affects sweepers. NAPSA CA asked
for a meeting with the California Air Resource Board (CARB)
to get clarification.

Three days prior to the meeting members and other industry invitees had a marathon 2+ hours conference call to pool the collective understanding and clarify the questions we wanted answered during our meeting.

Friday March 18, six members traveled to Sacramento to meet with Tony Brasil, Chief HDD Implementation Branch as well as members of his staff and represent of the Portable Engine Rule. Many more NAPSA members participated via conference call.

It was announced during the call that the reporting date for this year, has been postponed until April 29, 2011 for fleets with street sweepers with Tier 0 engines. Currently Tier 0 engines are limited to 450 hour per year, must have an “SW” posted on each door and report to CARB hour meter readings.

The meeting was frustrating in that some items were clarified, while other unforeseen issues were brought to our attention. Such as that now “light” sweepers (those below 26k gvw) are no longer eligible for retirement credits.
CARB staff acknowledging the conflicting and confusing regulations agreed to another meeting and to put together a FAQ for sweepers. If you have sweepers in California with at least 2010 model year propulsion engines and Tier 4 auxiliary engines, you can ignore these rules and there are no compliance or reporting required at the state level. Local districts may have additional rules that will still require permitting or an escape into the state rules.

If you have sweepers older than the above, it is extremely important that you pay close attention to The On Road Bus & Truck Rule and the Portable Engine Rule. You can expect some updates and clarifications to the Bus & Truck Rule to come out in April or May 2011. Visit for more information.

There is now a well done You Tube video that is helpful when explaining to customers why rates are heading up, way up! The Green Regulation Machine:
Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs? can be viewed at

Issues such as this are affecting sweepers all over the United States. NAPSA proactively works toward reasonable legislative requirements. By becoming a member of NAPSA, sweepers are banning together for the betterment of the industry while working toward earth-friendly solutions. For information in NAPSA, visit or call (888) 757-0130.

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Story by NAPSA California Committee