Python Manufacturing: Leaders in Innovation

If parody is the sincerest form of flattery, then Python Manufacturing, Inc. should be basking in it. They are the most replicated line of equipment in the industry. Their DNA is in every sweeper out there, giving them the leading edge on innovation.

Python have been engineering and manufacturing quality street sweeping and road maintenance equipment for the last forty years, and in early May, they announced a historic partnership that will dramatically expand Python’s presence in the North American road maintenance equipment market. They have partnered with Global Sweeping Solutions of San Bernardino, California.

Python President and Owner Les Hulicsko says, “This is a terrific opportunity for Python. We have the high quality, cost-effective equipment that contractors and public works departments are looking for. Global Sweeping has the industry knowledge, proven marketing experience, competitive dealer network and the ability to elevate our products to the forefront of the industry.”

Global Sweeping Solutions President Jason Condon is excited about the partnership and says, “Python sweepers offer the perfect balance of high quality, low maintenance cost and user-friendly features that today’s sweeper customers demand. Their innovative technology has been replicated throughout the industry and its pothole patcher promises to revolutionize the road maintenance field. We are excited to bring these products to a broader market in North America.”

In fact, the self-propelled pothole patcher is one of Python’s latest and greatest. It can operate in all weather conditions, reach highway speeds and takes approximately two minutes to repair a pothole. The latter feature, Python’s Marketing Manager Marjorie Strandlund says, “Could save a county millions of dollars.” All of Python’s products are designed to be easily accessible and with easy maintenance in mind.

Hulicsko is recognized for his ability to marry unique innovations with simple designs and build equipment that is economical, easy to operate and easy to maintain. He developed and introduced the first totally hydrostatically-driven street sweeper. His floating gutter brooms and hopper dumping system are just two of the sweeper features that have been widely adopted by the rest of the industry. The pothole patcher, developed by Hulicsko and refined by the Python team is another industry first, which promises substantial savings for those charged with maintaining streets and highways.

For more information on Python’s product offerings, visit or call 306-337-4440.