NAPSA Members Benefit From GO iPave

So what is the price of gas in your area? Here, in Ohio, the average price per gallon is hovering around $4 for the cheap stuff, and that’s not so cheap! How would you like to save yourself $4 per gallon plus vehicle maintenance costs on every bid you do? NAPSA is pleased to share our latest partnership with the fantastic services of Go iPave.

For a fraction of the cost of driving, Go iPave can return images to your computer that are so clear you can accurately bid a property without driving expenses. Kevin Kroeger, President of DSS Sweeping Service and NAPSA Board President, said, “This service is so easy to use and it is truly my competitive advantage. I hate to share it with others in the industry!”

Go iPave is an online measuring service that allows contractors to achieve fast and accurate measurements. The service gives contractors the ability to deliver bids to their customers faster than before. The website features easy-to-use measuring tools such as linear distance, area and more. Measurements are automatically calculated as you trace surfaces with your mouse. Additionally, contractors can view high resolution photos of properties and streets to determine property details, locate obstacles and create site diagrams. Go iPave becomes a communication tool to use with both clients and staff. By using Go iPave to view and measure a property, contractors can determine the number of man hours needed to execute the job.

NAPSA members can try Go iPave for free and then receive a 10% discount for members.
For questions on how to access this member discount, contact the NAPSA office at (888) 757-0130 or email us at

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Story by Nancy Terry,
North American Power Sweeping Association