Cyclone is Faster, Cleaner, Easier and Greener.

Forget time-wasting, labor-intensive pressure washers. Advance’s Cyclone™ CY200 & TR5500/TR5000 system cleans built-up dirt, grime and oil from outdoor surfaces in a single pass. This incredible technology cleans better than pressure washer alternatives.

Compared to other methods, Cyclone offers:

Reduced labor—one-pass cleaning drastically reduces cleaning time and provides faster return on investment.

Greener results—water is fully recovered without the use of a vacuum system, filtered and reused, aiding EPA compliance.

Cleaner surfaces—a patented cleaning and recovery head removes heavy build-up in a single pass.

Easier operation—Cyclone’s fully integrated system eliminates traditional pressure washing hassles of standing water, ineffective vacuum systems and labor-intensive operation and maintenance.

The time you save will go straight to your bottom line and let you move on to the next job.

See for yourself: go to for more information, to watch the video or download the brochure.

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