Keystone Brooms & Brushes: Leaders in the Street Sweeping Industry

Keystone Street Sweeping Brooms & Brushes has seen 50 years in the industry. With that many years in business comes years of expertise, and Jack Moran, Sales Manager for Keystone, knows his stuff. “My expertise allows a comfort zone for people to call and get answers to their questions,” he says.

Through earned trust, Keystone has moved to the forefront of their industry with excellent customer partnerships. Keystone’s innovative products, quality and unrivaled customer service have been the foundation of our success in supplying a full line of street sweeping replacement brooms. The combination of commitment and performance has brought Keystone to its position of prominence.

Headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Keystone has a 62,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Keystone supplies nationwide to OEM’s dealers, distributors, private contractors and municipalities. In addition, Keystone designs the brushes for all their OEM dealers. Keystone also manufactures Polypropylene bristles for the construction of tube brooms and other brushes. Moran cites Keystone’s dedication to production as one reason Keystone surpasses their competition, “Our lead times are better than anyone.”

The AllPro Strip Broom also puts Keystone ahead in the industry, especially now with the new AllPro Combo Strip Broom and the new AllPro Combo Wafer Broom, Keystone continues to keep pace with the continually changing street sweeping industry. The AllPro Strip Broom has revolutionized the industry because it can not only be changed out quickly, but it is 100% recyclable.

In the early 1960s, Keystone was created by current President Marvin Naftal’s in-laws. In 1992, Naftal assumed control of the company and took it into the manufacturing of replacement street sweeping brooms and brushes. The combination of an experienced engineering and sales staff working with the street sweeping industry has enabled Keystone to keep their customers competitive. Our success depends on our customer’s success, and that is Keystone’s key ingredient for moving into the future.

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