San Angelo, Texas Discovers the Best GPS Tracking Software

There were several factors that led the city of San Angelo to look for a GPS tracking software application to monitor the performance of their street sweeper fleet. They wanted the ability to track the number of miles their sweepers traveled per year, per month and per day, as well as have the ability to use that data to compare the productivity, or number of miles swept, of one operator compared to others in the fleet. The city settled on Eagle Eye Tracking and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

The GPS software also acts as a measure of accountability for San Angelo, which has a population of 90,000 and 1,100 of linear miles in need of sweeping. The work is done by four—soon to be five—sweeper trucks. Doug Kirkham, Storm Water Superintendent for the city of San Angelo says, “A citizen calls and says they haven’t seen a sweeper in X amount of time. We can use Eagle Eye Tracking as a measure of accountability and productivity, which turns into customer satisfaction.”

Arthur Gonzales, a supervisor and overseer of San Angelo’s street sweeping operation, agrees that the software is extremely helpful when it comes to addressing the concerns of the citizens of San Angelo. “They want to see what kind of bang they’re getting for their buck.” Eagle Eye Tracking makes it easy to verify services to citizens who have concerns and issues with proof that the work had been completed. Eagle Eye does this by utilizing a tangible breadcrumb trail of data to ease their minds and pinpoint on a map exactly where a sweeper truck had been and when.

Gonzales finds Eagle Eye Tracking easy to use and easy to navigate the different options. Reports are easy to maintain, and he says, “You hit a button and everything’s right there.” Kirkham agrees, “It’s so easy to maneuver through and export data to Excel.” Kirkham adds that Eagle Eye Tracking makes it easy to compare data from the past and present, and unlike other systems, there is no time limit on how long the data is stored.

“We look at Eagle Eye Tracking as a management tool, as well as a GPS tool,” Kirkham says. Gonzales adds, “We can use the software to determine why it takes one person the same amount of time to sweep five miles when it takes someone else the same amount of time to do fifteen miles.” In addition, they present a report to the city council each month to show how many miles have been swept in a given timeframe. Gonzales says the software has made his job of compiling those reports exponentially easier, “I used to sit in the office for two to three hours trying to figure out the data. Eagle Eye Tracking calculates it in three to five minutes.”

Kirkham says the city looked at six different GPS tracking software systems before settling on Eagle Eye Tracking and says there is no need to look at any other product, “The legwork’s been done. These guys are the best.”

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