Best Practices from NAPSA: Key Measurements to Use in Your Sweeping Business

While at the National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN this year, attendees were treated to Best Practice Roundtable discussions. NAPSA is pleased to share details on the topics presented:

There are many indicators of company health and some of them are not what is typically expected. An example of one type of indicator is Google Analytics. This indicator measures the who, what, when and where of who’s visiting your company website, where they are coming from and where they are going. This indicator will bring marketing and communication perspective.

Actual face time with key decision makers is critical. Living in the fast paced world that we do, we often forego the one-on-one time with customers for the convenience of electronic communication. The art of verbal communication is key to the sales department of your company because clients feel more comfortable entering transactions with people they know or with whom they have a relationship.

Measure quality and profitability using your GPS systems. Key measurements come from the exceptions. Check to see if reports vary as seasonal shifts can show profitability. Run time analysis, and if something is different, find out why. Measure safety within the organizational walls, as well as on the job site. Find out what the actual cost of accidents are and let operators know. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT safety meetings by having employees sign in.

By stepping back to take a snap shot of your company, you may discover a wealth of information. NAPSA members can take advantage of the next Sweeper’s Best Practice Roundtable discussion at National Pavement Expo in Memphis, TN. NPE is being held February 15 – 18, 2012. On Friday, February 17th NAPSA members can enjoy the best practice topics of:

1) Measuring driver productivity.

2) Effective operator discipline & motivation.

3) Tips, tricks & traps to find time to work “on” your business.

4) Key duplicable traits of the top operator & how to find out if your applicant has them.

5) If you could have a single one page report about the status of your company, delivered to your desk every morning—what would it look like?

6) Sales: What works and what doesn’t?

7) Key measurements to use in the sweeping business.

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