The Benefits of NAPSA

NAPSANAPSA is a non-profit association for the sweeper industry. It started in 2000 as a self-supporting association and structure dedicated to meeting the specific needs of contract sweepers and their associates, provide full-time support for members and handle benefit program, liaison functions and facilitate industry enhancement.

NAPSA members have a formal code of ethics, and are able to include the NAPSA logo on marketing materials.

There are several benefits that members enjoy, including:

• Membership Networking

• Supplier/Manufacturer Discounts

• Donaldson Filtration Systems Discount (50% off the price list on all air, liquid and hydraulic filters)

• Elgin (20% off of the price list on parts)

• Schwarze Industries (20% discount off of list price on parts)

• United Rotary Brush (40% off list price of replacement brooms)

• Victory Sweepers ($500.00 factory direct, cash back rebate for each new Victory chassis-mounted sweeper purchased in 2009; $250.00 factory-direct, cash back rebate on all new tow-behind Victory sweepers; $250.00 factory-direct, cash back rebate on all used sweepers; $250.00 factory-direct, cash rebate on all “Liberator” refurbishment kits; Double rebates for all NAPSA Certified contractors; 10% discount on ALL Victory sweeper replacement parts; 5% discount on all (SPX) replacement parts; Double discounts for ALL NAPSA Certified contractors)

• Free Admission to the Sweeping Seminars at the NPE and NPE West Shows

• Monthly e-Newsletter

• Access to the Members Area on the NAPSA website

• Your company listed on our webpage for customers to see (with a link to your website/email)

• Ability to display NAPSA logo on your letterhead and marketing material

• Fuel Discount Program

• Mentoring Program

• Discounted Website Packages

• Credit Card Processing Program

• Payroll Processing Services

• Telephone Conferencing Services

• Insurance Program

• Financing Resources

• Employment Law Counsel

• Toner/Ink Cartridge Discounts

The association offers three types of memberships: Contractor, Associate, and Service Reseller. There are three contractor memberships: contractors with 1-5 trucks; contractors with 6-10 trucks; and contractors with more than 10 trucks. The associate membership is for companies involved in the manufacture, distribution, or sale of sweeping products and services. The service reseller membership is for organizations that do not have sweeping as their primary function, but that hire a sweeper to fulfill maintenance contracts.

Karl Stauty from Commercial Power Sweeping and Services sums up the benefits of a NAPSA membership nicely on NAPSA’s site, “If the discounts alone from the manufacturers don’t convince a company to join NAPSA, then the networking with other sweeping contractors around the country will benefit one’s operation in more cost saving ideas and similar concerns about running a profitable sweeping company.”

Story by Jennifer Taylor