NAPSA Members Receive Fuel Rebates!

NAPSAIn a recent survey, NAPSA members cited rising fuel cost as their number one issue in the industry. With fuel prices in the $4 range, this is no great shock to anyone. What may be surprising however is that as a member of the North American Power Sweeping Association your company can receive a rebate on fuel purchased from Exxon/Mobile. Wouldn’t you like to get money back on your fuel?

NAPSA is pleased to share that through the Association’s affinity program, members can band together to create buying power.

The more fuel purchased through the program, the greater the rebate is to members. Simply complete the application to open your company’s individual account then start receiving the benefit. Rebate checks are issued individually to members each month! Additional information and application are found at the following links:

Program Information:

Program Application:

As always, feel free to contact NAPSA at (888) 757-0130 or by email at with any additional questions.

Story by NAPSA