All About Sweeping

NAPSAIn today’s competitive environment, customers are constantly looking at their bottom line. Asset management is the key for holding the line on costs. If an organization can help their customers to understand how to maintain their property, the result is a long term, loyal customer.

Pavement industry organizations all realize that there are solid reasons for scheduled maintenance and it’s not just about creating a sleek and professional image. Sweeping is a strong component of the maintenance process but the value goes far beyond aesthetics. In addition to creating a strong first impression, proper sweeping will remove the abrasive material that will wear, degrade and destroy pavement.

Sweeping improves the environment. “Going Green” is a mantra that many organizations are standing behind. As a best practice, protecting the environment is not only a necessary idea but a valuable marketing tool.

How many times has a slip and fall situation turned into litigation? Most likely the answer is nearly every time. Regular sweeping reduces the exposure of your customers.

Customer education is critical in keeping the business that you have as well as adding to your client base. NAPSA is pleased to offer our “All About Sweeping” brochure which explains to customers and clients the importance of this maintenance process.

This professionally designed flyer addresses the following sweeping topics: Asset Management, Environmental Factors, Risk Management and Aesthetics.

This flyer is a “must have” to include in your billing and quote packets and is available now for purchase. The printed brochure is offered to NAPSA Members for $40 per 100 and Non-Members at $50 per 100. What a great tool for customer retention!

Contact NAPSA Headquarters to order at (888) 757-0130, or visit for the online order form.

Story by NAPSA