To Give or Not to Give?

Business gifts can be an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise. Some bosses give to their employees, some give to clients, while others forgo it all together. Even if you want to give, but can’t find it in your budget to do so, here are some ideas for whatever you decide.

Employee Gift Ideas

Some employers take this opportunity to give their employees bonuses. It’s a great way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and gives them extra money to spend during this very expensive time of year.

Taking your staff out to lunch, gift cards, and personalized gifts are also a nice ways to show that you care.

You may also consider giving gift cards to your employees from some of your clients (i.e. Target, Kohl’s, or any other retailer or restaurant). This allows you to give back to your customers as well. Make sure to get them from your contact at the company.

Customer Gift Ideas

If sending to another office, food is always a great way to go. Gift baskets filled with chocolate, meat and cheeses, fruit, jellies, or even wine are great. Make sure to include something with your company name or logo on it and perhaps some tips. If you have a pen, magnet, or other logo’d item, then send that along as well. There are numerous companies that offer items for a variety of budgets. Just remember, the more you buy the lower the price per item. Sometimes 60 items can be almost the same cost as 75. has a blue faucet light for $8.99. 4Imprint has SPF30 sunscreen with color changing lid for as little as $1.15 each. You could add a slogan ‘We’ve got your covered’ or something cute like that.

Property managers might enjoy a coffee mug, cup, or gift card to a local restaurant or take-out place for when they need a quick bite. You may even consider having a lunch catered for them. Even a list of people you would recommend for services property managers often need, would be most appreciated.

Little to No Budget

Gift giving may not be in your budget this year. Especially for all of your customers. In this case, a simple direct mail piece or email wishing your customer a Happy Holiday season is a great way to show that you are thinking about them and appreciate their business.

You may also think about giving your customers a coupon. It can be a coupon for a percentage or dollar amount off a future service or a product.

For the office, consider having a small holiday party and make it a potluck. Employees will appreciate the time to socialize and eat yummy food together. You might even give a small talk about how much you appreciate them or give out awards. You can make it fun with outrageous award categories.

Story by Jennifer Taylor