APWA’s Expo Experience

Industry leaders and suppliers were on-hand to deliver the most up-to-date information to more than 7,000 public works professionals at the American Public Works Association’s 75th Anniversary show in Anaheim, California.

Attendees at the APWA Congress 2012 attended sessions on how to buy heavy equipment without having to go through the RFP process, how to persuade policymakers to increase capital repair and maintenance funds, and how to implement a complete streets policy. They were also able to attend a workshop to learn how to build high-performance roads using scrap rubber tires.

Broadcast Journalist Bob Woodruff for ABC News, Theoretical Physicist Michio Kadu, Ph.D., adventurer Jamie Clarke, and author Simon T. Bailey all gave keynote speeches on a variety of subjects.

Don’t miss out on next year’s APWA August 25-28 in Chicago, IL.