The Inaugural Sweeper Summit

1-800-SWEEPER members gathered for their inaugural annual meeting November 12-14 in Detroit. Their first membership meeting gave members, vendors and invited guests the opportunity to get to network and exchange ideas.

“Once word got out about the summit, it attracted the attention of Schwarze, NiteHawk, Elgin, Tymco, Johnston and others that want to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry,” says Mike Lucht, owner of ProSweep and one of the founding members of 1-800-SWEEPER. “We started out with a goal of 50 attendees and ended up with 75 attendees, the maximum we could accommodate for the space we reserved. It was a very rewarding event. Feedback came back right away that people left with a good feeling. Everyone left with nugget of inspiration from the dynamic speakers.”

Members were treated to a motivational presentation by Boaz Rauchwerger, speaker, trainer, consultant and author of The Tiberias Transformation—How To Change Your Life In Less Than 8 Minutes A Day. “Boaz started the session off with a 1/2 day talk about relationship building,” says Lucht. “He covered a lot of the fundamentals, some we are familiar with, and some simple new ideas for implementation that brought us back to the basics of human relationships, and how we can stay grounded in our relationships. He was a great dynamic presenter and got us fired up.”

The summit was a bit different because vendors were included in the sessions as well. “We got positive comments from vendors about how they enjoyed being included in the sessions,” says Lucht. “We wanted everyone to have something positive to take back with them. We wanted to deliver something of value to everyone to use in their personal and business life.”

The sweepers met to discuss their goals and projections through 2016. “Personally, I know that we have seen some transitions take place with big box stores consolidating their buying power,” says Lucht. “We are taking their model and using it in our favor in areas where we can benefit from it. It’s a sustainable business model unlike some of the other alternatives out there that are only price driven. We bring values that allow people to control costs and remain competitive. We are redefining what it means to have national accounts. We have been exposed to non-retail national account business that is not high frequency, but more profitable.”

1-800-SWEEPER continues to look to expand their coalition with companies in new service areas. “Our values are the things that bind us together,” says Lucht. “It’s in our DNA: family, integrity, quality, ingenuity and independence will be a magnet to keep us together.”

Lucht and the 1-800-SWEEPER Board of Directors and staff are already busy planning next year’s summit. If you are interested in partnering with the current 35 companies that make up 1-800-SWEEPER and learning how you can benefit, call 1-800-793-3737 or inquire online at

Story by Jennifer Taylor