Low Cost Sweeping Option — Masco Sweepers Trailer Vac

Looking for a low-cost sweeping option? To help sweepers compete at a lower cost, MASCO Sweepers has launched the Model Trailer Vac Sweeper.

The MASCO Model Trailer Vac Sweeper is a simple sweeper that can attach to any vehicle. The all stainless steel hopper is a great looking sweeper that is built to last. This sweeper sweeps every kind of liter: bottles, cans, trash, 1” rocks, and sand as well as larger objects, like baby diapers.

The 30 HP Kohler engine powers the large TURBO SIX 24-INCH vacuum fan. The sweeper includes Dust Control, Fuel Tank, Battery, Electric Start, and large hopper. The hopper is a rake out design to keep cost low. This eliminates costly hydraulics and maintenance.

Financing is available on this sweeper. This just may be your low-cost sweeping solution!

Follow the addresses below to see a You Tube video of this sweeper in action.

Please follow the link below to see the MASCO model 1600 newest sweeper in action.

Please email Mike Dyck with any questions you may have about this sweeper or any of MASCO’s other models.

mike@mascosweepers.com | 800-345-1246 | mascosweepers.com