Why Certified?

The North American Power Sweeping Association has set the bar for professionalism within the power sweeping industry. Those who have stepped up to the challenge of certification are designated as Certified Sweeping Companies (CSC). The certification formally recognizes those firms who operate in a professional manner and contribute to the overall image of the industry.

The CSC recognition is offered to companies of any size and focuses on areas like:
• NAPSA Membership Terms
• Number of Years in Business
• Industry Education
• Employee Practices
• Business Practices
• Vehicle Practices
• Insurance Information

The CSC program is fast becoming a level of recognition required in some bid programs, or participating in certain projects. Further, certification has provided customers in the industry with a pool of companies that, by their practices, reduce insurance losses by increasing their level of professionalism and therefore creates the opportunity for premium savings.

So…you say, “Hey, I’m not a sweeper, I manage property. What does certification mean to me?”

By hiring a CSC company to maintain your property, you are ensuring that you will receive professional service. You will be hiring a company that is keeping up with the best practices in the industry and one that has been fundamental in developing and upholding NAPSA’s standards of professionalism.

You will be hiring a professional company that is required to commit to the NAPSA Code of Ethics which requires commitments in the following areas:
• General Obligations
• Client Obligations
• Employee Obligations
• Safety Obligations
• Professional Obligations

Rest assured that by hiring a CSC, your expectations of professionalism and quality will be met.

To find a CSC in your area, visit www.powersweeping.org, and select the Contractor Locator.

Story by NAPSA

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