The New and Improved Google+

The idea of joining another online social network might seem daunting, but Google+ could be one social network for your business that is worth your time. Google+ is tipping toward a half billion users, according to the Internet analytics firm GlobalWebIndex, eclipsing Twitter which has 200 million users, making it the second most surfed social network and one not to be easily dismissed.

Why Google+?

For starters, it’s Google. That means Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to be optimal since being active on a site hosted by Google is only going to improve your standing and visibility when someone’s looking for your type of business.
You can also measure your results with Google Analytics, one of the top measurement tools for blog and website activity no matter who is hosting your content. You can see who is looking at your page and then target more like-minded individuals to widen your audience and expand your Circles (read on).

The Specifics and Be Specific

With a Google+ account you fill out a profile much like you would on Facebook or Twitter. However, by tailoring it to your business and making the content as industry specific as possible you’re increasing your chances of your business being found online.

The types of content you can post on Google+ is pretty vast. You can post relevant content from your own business website or content from other businesses in a similar industry. Much like “Liking” something on Facebook or “Retweeting” something on Twitter, articles and other web content now has a “+1” option, allowing you to repost that content to your Google+ page. You can post photos of your staff, where you’re located, jobs completed and in the works and video tutorials. There’s also a group chat feature, called Hangouts, which gives you the opportunity to hold live webinars, host guest speakers and training sessions as well as friendly meet and greets.

Google+ also features Circles, which is similar to having friends on Facebook but in a more organized, hyper-focused way. You can organize people into different circles, therefore, allowing you to be in control of what information you’re sharing and to which customer base. Customers can also find you and join a circle, helping you expand your potential customer base that way.

New and Improved

Google recently rolled out its Google+ dashboard for businesses, with new features that help you manage your web presence and activities.

Perhaps one of the best new features is the All-in-One Update Toolbar, which lets you update information about your business, such as hours of operation, web addresses, emails, and locations all at once. By updating the toolbar, you are updating your businesses information across all things Google—Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+ to name a few.

New campaign management capabilities are featured, including more detailed data insights which allow you to see exactly what people are searching for when they’re searching for your business, where they are searching from so you can see your reach radius, and how many people are seeing what you’re posting to your Google+ page.

These insights will allow you to know your customer base and target them through social media and content strategies in the most specific way possible. There’s no guess work as to what marketing campaigns are or are not working, allowing you to adapt your content quickly to reach those customers who are tuning in and craving more of the information you’re giving them.

Story by Megan McClure