Positive Growth Highlighted at the 2nd Annual Sweeper Summit

This year, various partners in the 1-800-SWEEPER Nationwide Service Alliance gathered in Detroit, Michigan for the Second Annual Sweeper Summit. A total of thirty-seven partners came from all over the United States to benchmark, network and collaborate about the future of their businesses and the industry. Partners such as Cannon Pacific Services traveled from as far as California, while Immaculate Power Sweeping traveled from New Hampshire. A total of twenty-five different states were represented at the Summit.

Of the various activities, the most informative was the benchmarking workshop hosted by Ken LaCroix, Principal of TrackPoint Business Advisors. The benchmarking was composed of compiled data from the various partners within the past year. This data included a composite view of information such as the amount of overtime paid, cost of insurance, employee turnover rate and more. The benchmarking session was so insightful that it ran longer than expected due to the engagement and interaction of the partners. Along with the benchmarking session was an open Q & A session where partners shared problem-solving insight, cost-saving tips and offered best practices for each other’s businesses.

After the benchmarking session, the 1-800-SWEEPER Nationwide Service Alliance President, Mike Lucht, issued an address to the partnership. In his address, President Lucht highlighted the success and growth of the alliance as the partnership continues to expand, partners continue to see an outstanding return on their investment and the growing power of the buying group. To quote President Lucht, the positive growth the Alliance was experiencing was, “UNBELIEVABLE!”

Three additional guest speakers were also present at the Summit. Over the course of several days, each was given time to address the partners. Most notable of the guest speakers was the internationally recognized CEO Coach, Cameron Herold, formerly of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Also known as the “Back Pocket COO,” Mr. Herold gained his renown in the business world through his hyper growth planning, coaching and success without debt. At the Summit he spoke in-depth about the power of company culture and on building a vision for enabling growth for each partner’s company and the 1-800-SWEEPER partnership as a whole.

Additional guest speakers included motivational speaker and human behavior expert, Dan Lier from Las Vegas, and Dr. Luisa Bazan, MD of Henry Ford Medical Group. Mr. Lier offered an inspirational presentation, along with insight on the power of “possibility thinking.” Dr. Bazan spoke in-depth about the perils of sleep deprivation, healthy sleep management and sleep cycles; partners learned tips and tricks to help employees move between shift schedules and how to better manage their own internal sleep clock.

Between the hard work and collaboration, partners and guests found time to socialize and have some fun at a guided wine tasting event and a cocktail reception at the famous Andiamo restaurant hosted by Stewart-Amos. Potential new partners, who were invited as guests, were so impressed with the Summit that they elected to join the 1-800-SWEEPER partnership. Sponsoring vendors were: Johnston NA, Tymco, Schwarze, NiteHawk, United Rotary Brush, Goodyear, AmeriSource and SideKick Blowers. Upon departure, the partners hailed the Second Annual Summit a great success and were all looking forward to Sweeper Summit 2014.