Making a List and Checking it Twice

As we approach one of the biggest retail holidays of the year, many are finalizing wish lists for ourselves and family members. Our businesses are also in need of things. Simply by making a list, you can help prioritize those needs and wants.

Most manufacturers don’t have a Black Friday, so to get those great discounts you’ll have to look to the IRS Act 179 Bonus Depreciation which gives you 100 percent tax depreciation for 2013 if it is put into service this year. The deduction limit is $500,000 on both new and used equipment and covers off-the-shelf software. You are able to spend up to $2 million on equipment and still receive the 100 percent tax depreciation. For amounts on equipment more than $2 million, the deduction is reduced to 50 percent.

We’ve put together an idea list of some of the top-selling items in the industry to get you started.

Elgin Broom Bear

“The Broom Bear four-wheel mechanical broom sweeper from Elgin Sweeper is one of the most efficient mechanical sweepers on the market, making it the company’s best seller with sweeping contractors,” says Brian Giles, Elgin Sweeper products manager. “The robust sweeper can tackle heavy construction debris, like millings or gravel, as well as light street maintenance. The short wheelbase enhances maneuverability and makes the sweeper ideal for sweeping in tight cul-de-sacs.”

Mounted on a commercially available conventional chassis with fully-dualized controls and an intelligent single-engine design that utilizes the chassis engine to power the sweeper, the Broom Bear also features a large hopper and water tank, which means more productive sweeping time and fewer scheduled stops. A variable dumping height and 11″ (279 mm) of hopper side-shift ensures easy dumping.

The sweeper features a choice of a squeegee-type conveyor or conveyor belt configuration. This choice of options gives contractors greater flexibility for the unique sweeping applications they encounter. With its highway speeds, the Broom Bear is at home in both congested urban areas and remote rural locations.

Schwarze A7 Tornado™

“Sweeper owners want a sweeper capable of cleaning the streets for the least cost per mile and the least amount of downtime,” says Greg Heyer, Schwarze vice president of sales, marketing, customer service and product management. “The A7 Tornado’s industry leading regenerative air system has the fewest moving components of any sweeper in the industry, resulting in less maintenance and lower operating costs, while addressing environmental concerns by meeting SCAQMD’s rule 1186 for performance and controlling dust.

“The Tornado offers the versatility to sweep any surface a customer would encounter, including the ability to clean catch basins and remote areas with the rear-mounted Hand Hose. It provides excellent heavy-conditions sweeping, cost-effective maintenance sweeping, and un-matched leaf sweeping capability.

“The auxiliary engine is manufactured by John Deere and comes in engine horsepower ratings of 99HP and 115HP. Our most popular horsepower rating is the 115HP model and is available in a Flex Tier III and Tier IV configuration.

“The Schwarze Whisperwheel™ has also been proven through testing to be 70 percent quieter and use 20 percent less fuel than the fan systems on competitive models.

“The Tornado has gutter brooms that are 44″ inches in diameter. These brooms are hydraulically driven and positioned laterally and vertically by a single hydraulic cylinder.”

TYMCO Model 600

“The Model 600 has been our top seller throughout the history of TYMCO,” says Tom Rokas, inside sales. “One main reason is that the marketplace for the Model 600 is very wide. This regenerative air sweeper maintains it’s market leadership by offering customers a quality product that works, with superior after-sales support by TYMCO dealership organizations. The neat thing about TYMCO is that the same quality and engineering that goes into the Model 600 is the same for rest of the TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweeper line.”

“One of the reasons the Model 600 is so popular, is the large 14-inch suction tube that allows larger size debris and leaves to be picked up with less blockage. Also, standard features include the patented 43-inch diameter gutter broom, with torque sensing sequence valve, to get the curb line clean. This popular sweeper is available in stainless steel and has an alternative-fuel option.”

Happy shopping!

Story by Jennifer Taylor


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