Waste Partners Environmental’s Electric Rebranding Initiative

Dynamic. Energetic. Heroic. These aren’t words most people would use to describe waste management. But Irving, Texas-based Waste Partners Environmental (WPE) is on a mission to change all that.

Through an energetic rebranding campaign, the company is illustrating that eco-friendly waste disposal isn’t just a job for Captain Planet. It’s up to real-world sanitation superheroes like the squad at WPE.

The company has been a silent superhero since 2003, keeping the Southwest’s streets clean. A single-source solution for environmentally-responsible construction and event-site waste disposal, WPE offers street sweeping, erosion control, water trucks, solid waste roll-off and portable sanitation services. It’s
not the most glamorous business—but it’s one the WPE team is passionate about.

The problem is, this passion wasn’t coming across in WPE’s branding and communications. Recognizing the situation, company leadership decided to undergo a corporate rebrand that emphasized the company’s superhero-like qualities.

“We liken being in waste management to being a superhero, because we also actively fight to protect the communities we serve,” explains Grant Duncan, marketing director for WPE. “Like a superhero, we’re swift. Dependable. Always there to do the city’s dirty work.”

“It’s WPE to the rescue, and we do our jobs with an energy our customers can’t find elsewhere,” added Duncan. “That’s why we came up with a fresh tagline, ‘We Put a New Twist on Waste.’”

To complete the rebranding mission, WPE enlisted the help of its sanitation ally PolyJohn Enterprises, Inc., one of the nation’s largest designers and manufacturers of portable restrooms. The companies have enjoyed a strong partnership for years, with PolyJohn often serving in an advisory capacity in matters ranging from sanitation trends to business strategy.

Since PolyJohn underwent an image refresh of its own only a few years back, its leadership team, including Managing Director Mike Adams, served as a sounding board during the rebranding process. PolyJohn even weighed in when it came to revamping the logo, adding a new superhero-inspired crest.

Ditching the dark greens and eco motifs that are widely used in the industry, WPE opted for a bolder approach. Its new signature color is a neon green inspired by the Nike® Volt Collection. Duncan first noticed the electric hue during last year’s Olympics, when the vibrant shade worked undercover to highlight the brand’s new line of track and field footwear. Electric green packed the punch needed to power WPE’s rebrand.

But how could WPE get that color incorporated in its design within a speedy 60-day timeframe? PolyJohn had the solution, opening up its production facility to accommodate WPE’s needs. Adams quickly assembled a team of PolyJohn’s best to get the job done, including Regional Manager Elton Tamplin, Purchasing Manager Bob Nelson, Engineer Jamie Kostelyk and Manufacturing Manager Robert Pulley.

Using the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, the pros in PolyJohn’s purchasing and engineering departments matched the electric green exactly. Computer-generated mock-ups showed the WPE team what the finished electric green restrooms would look like. Turns out, the hue was so bold that the idea for gray units accented with the electric green on corners and screens was born.

WPE green lit the new concept, and production started immediately. The entire manufacturing process was done in superhero speed—just two weeks from final mock-up to the delivery of 400 shiny new units. The happy company recently rolled-out the new look to its distributors and clients across the Southwest to much praise.

For PolyJohn, serving as the sidekick was a rewarding job well worth the challenge. “Our goal is to provide our customers with more than just portable sanitation solutions—it’s to be a true partner,” said Adams of PolyJohn’s involvement in the rebrand. “Helping companies like WPE successfully fulfill their missions is a passion of ours, and we’d love to team up with other groups in the future.”

Thanks to its rebrand, WPE’s image now more accurately reflects its corporate personality: bold, dynamic, cutting-edge. Like its electric green, WPE is determined to stand out and make people take notice. The company has set the assertive goal of doubling its size in the next five years.

“WPE has no plans on hanging up its waste-fighting cape anytime soon,” said Duncan. “Now that we’ve re-energized our brand, the sky’s the limit.”

Story by Megan Murphey and Jennifer Taylor

Nike® is a registered trademark of Nike, Inc. and has not endorsed WPE or PolyJohn.
PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® is a registered trademark of Pantone LLC.


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■ Waste Partners Environmental at www.wastepartnersenvironmental.com
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