2014 Product Preview

1-800-SWEEPER Alliance continues to increase partner’s competitive advantage through increased leverage created by their 3D business model. Specifically, the buying group will achieve critical mass by reaching the exclusive 1st 50 partners threshold in 2014. This evolution of combining resources continues to lead the industry with innovation, economic benefit and fun!
For more information, visit www.1800sweeper.com.

Elgin’s Crosswind Sweeper with Shared Power
The Crosswind regenerative air sweeper featuring a patent pending Shared Power system is an example of Elgin Sweeper’s new EcoInfused™ Technology initiative to develop and deploy environmentally sustainable products that have the potential to increase energy efficiency and enhance air and water quality in communities around the world. The Crosswind sweeper with Shared Power allows power to be transferred from the chassis to the auxiliary engine.
For more information, visit www.elginsweeper.com.

Green Sweep
Green Sweep is an all electric, fully self-contained, towable parking lot sweeper, high dump trailer, portable AC power station all in one. It’s as quiet as the average person’s voice and can be towed by cars, trucks or electric utility vehicle.
For more information, visit www.gogreensweep.com.

Keystone Introduces the Black (Eco Friendly) All-Pro Strip Broom System—Ask About the Combo All-Pro Strip Broom
Individual fused polypropylene all-pro strips are mounted on keystone’s center sweep mandrel, forming a full size, densely bristled all-pro strip broom. The center sweep mandrel establishes a chevron effect to the plastic all-pro strip broom, creating constant bristle contact with the sweeping surface. The fused polypropylene strips do the digging and flicking necessary to remove heavy debris in all sweeping applications.
For more information, visit www.kpbrush.com or call Jack Moran 800-635-5238 ext 108.

Little Wonder’s New Pro Crack Cleaner
Little Wonder’s new Pro Crack Cleaner is the ultimate solution to the problem of efficiently cleaning cracks of undergrowth before laying down crack filler and applying sealant to asphalt and concrete surfaces. It is ideal for busy asphalt/pavement maintenance professionals that need to make jobs more time and cost-efficient. The Pro Crack Cleaner is engineered with the professional in mind, with tough steel frames, a heavy-duty 9″ twisted steel wire brush, and dual belt drive increasing the machine longevity.
For more information, visit www.littlewonder.com or call 215-357-5110.

Masco Sweepers
Masco Sweepers Model 1600RBS is the most cost efficient sweeper on the market today. Masco Sweepers mounts the 1600RBS on Toyota Tundra and Chevrolet 1500 trucks. These trucks have V6 engines and get 16 miles to the gallon. Not only is the 1600RBS fuel efficient…it is also very powerful! Powered by a 4 cylinder port injected, California Air Resource Board certified engine, the sweeper sweeps clean, powerful and low fuel consumption. Stainless Steel components, low noise, low clearance, low dust, and high performance, make the 1600RBS the only answer for parking lot sweeping!
For more information, visit www.mascosweepers.com.

NEWGEN Sweepers
NEWGEN Sweepers is a small yet powerful vac sweeper that can sweep with the big boys, and can sweep where the big boys can only dream. Not only can it sweep parking lots, but also universities, bike paths, warehouses, theme parks, sidewalks, stadiums, parks, HOA, church’s and airports. Made in USA.
For more information, visit www.newgensweepers.com or call 307-737-3196.

Pat’s Pump & Blower
Pat’s Pump & Blower received it’s 1st VT-651 Demonstrator Unit. A pure Vacuum Sweeper upgrade to the proven industry workhorse VT-650. Upgrades and new features that keep it the industry leader. A new Can-Bus System allows better control, reliability and easier systems troubleshooting.
For more information, call 407-841-7867.

Python 5000 Pothole Patcher
Freshly paved road? Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before potholes start appearing. But if you have a Python 5000, you can keep that road pothole-free and add years to its life. One operator can make long-lasting, compacted patches in minutes, using standard asphalt and the Python 5000.
For more information, visit www.pythonmfg.com or call 306-337-4440.

Schwarze® M6 Avalanche™
The sweeping console system has received dramatic enhancements. The Schwarze® Six Sense Controls™ give you the ability to start sweeping with the touch of one button. A large 7″ display shows the pre-set functions prior to activation and show you exactly what’s going on with your sweeper.
For more information, visit www.schware.com or call 800-879-7933.

Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company
The new Starfire S-4XL from the Stewart-Amos Sweeper Company. A full-sized, full performance broom street sweeper mounted on a NON-CDL chassis. Features include: exclusive 3 shaft elevator, 4.5 cubic yard hopper, 12 foot variable hopper dump, up to 11 foot sweep path and 330 gallon water tank.
For more information, visit www.stewart-amos.com.

Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s Sweeperthane™ Transition Sleeves
Change the Sleeve Not the Tube! Up to 10x more abrasion resistance than steel transition tubes.
Tired of patching, welding and replacing your steel transition tube? Sweeperthane™ Polyurethane Transition Sleeve will reduce your labor costs and eliminate damage to your transition tubes. Available in 10″ & 12″ diameters. US Patent# 7798177.
For more information, visit www.superiortire.com or call 800-289-1456.

Sweeper Parts Sales Inc.
Sweeper Parts Sales Inc., specializing in replacement parts for Johnston, Allianz and Madvac Sweepers. We will get your sweepers up and running ASAP and at the lowest prices.
For more information, call us at 877-695-3060 or visit www.SweeperPartsSales.com.

United Rotary Brush
United Rotary Brush manufactures quality-built replacement brooms for all of your sweeping applications. We take great pride in offering dependable products along with excellent customer service. Most orders ship in one day!
For more information: 800-851-5108 U.S.A., 800-463-6292 Canada, www.united-rotary.com.

Water Cannon
Water Cannon is a leading online discounter of aftermarket replacement small engine parts that fit Honda GX Series including our competitively priced recoil starter assembly. This red aftermarket recoil starter assembly was designed to meet or exceed the ridged specifications of the GX120, GX160, GX200, GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390 Honda Small Engines. Water Cannon supplies high quality aftermarket Recoil Starter Assemblies for Honda GX Engines.
For more information: www.watercannon.com or simply call 800-333-9274.