Continued Growth at 1-800-SWEEPER

In the 29 months since the inception of 1-800-SWEEPER, the Partnership has experienced continued growth. At first glance many business owners have mistaken the 1-800-SWEEPER Alliance for being a simple job referral system. However, 1-800-SWEEPER is best viewed through its 3-Dimensions of competitive advantage consisting of; co-op buying group, internet/website marketing, and the power of national branding. Partners, who have taken time to embrace the 1-800-SWEEPER business model, have discovered that the alliance offers so much more than job referrals.

One of the greatest advantages of 1-800-SWEEPER is the combined buying power of the partners. As an allied buying group, the partnership has the ability to negotiate discounts on goods that they all currently purchase such as tires, brushes, filters, blowers and other needs. In addition to the discounted cost of goods, 1-800-SWEEPER negotiates purchasing rebates that increase as spending increases with the vendor/partner.

The second element of the three dimensions is that 1-800-SWEEPER conducts marketing on behalf of its partners. Tackling marketing, much less the cutting edge of the digital era of marketing, can seem intimidating or too time consuming for many business owners. However, 1-800-SWEEPER makes marketing hassle-free for its partners. Most powerful and notable of the marketing services provided is the dynamic internet marketing achieved with In business today, harnessing the power of the internet is vital for businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Through an aggressive and consolidated SEO campaign, 1-800-SWEEPER and its self performing service partners are dominating search engine results, driving business leads away from competitors and into the hands of partners.

The final dimension is the power of the national brand. The 1-800-SWEEPER brand is designed for easy national recognition while still allowing for owners to maintain the independence of their local brand. Forbes magazine has this to say about the power of branding, “…brand building is the biggest lever most companies have to improve profits and protect themselves against competitors.” As a result of the strength of the national brand, the partners leverage the unified vision of their businesses founded on quality work and trust that allows them to better compete for prestigious and profitable jobs.

Through the combination of all three dimensions, 1-800-SWEEPER partners are able to fully maximize the true potential of their businesses and their industry. However, the 1-800-SWEEPER Nationwide Service Alliance is not all work and no fun, as there are many additional activities and services offered such as the Sweeper Summit, Benchmarking, and more.

Most recently partners and invited guests enjoyed a private cocktail reception at the National Pavement Expo aboard the Sun Dream Yacht. At the reception a total of 85 guests were in attendance, many of whom had also attended the 2013 Sweeper Summit. Here partners and guests were able to enjoy a night of fellowship, including visiting with many of the early pioneers of the sweeping industry who turned out for this event.

Story by Kerry Porter

To learn more about the 1-800-SWEEPER Nationwide Service Alliance, and about becoming a partner, please contact Carolyn Bell at 1-800-SWEEPER or email her at

When you think about the sweeping industry, images of a luxurious 137′ yacht do not come to mind. Kicking off their new national brand building slogan “Experience the Difference,” 85 partners, vendors and invited guests of the 1-800-SWEEPER partnership gathered for an enjoyable evening aboard the Sun Dreamer yacht. The event’s theme was “1st 50—Don’t Miss The Boat,” to bring attention to the exclusive advantage of becoming one of 1-800-SWEEPER’s first fifty partners, and was hosted during the 2014 National Pavement Expo in Ft. Lauderdale.

Mike Lucht, President of the 1-800-SWEEPER explained, “Our board decided that NPE offered a rare opportunity to gather our partners, vendors, prospective partners and many pioneers of our industry for a relaxing evening of sharing food, drinks and fellowship. This memorable event gave opportunity for folks to learn about the competitive advantage initiatives of our 1-800-SWEEPER organization through casual conversation with the partners on board. It is important that the 1-800-SWEEPER brand represents a first class organization, when viewed from any perspective.”

1-800-SWEEPER partner, Windell Brent of Commercial Property Maintenance in Albuquerque, New Mexico attended the reception aboard the yacht. When asked about how the event impacted him, he had this to share. “It was great to be part of a group that is so interested in both their personal businesses and those of others. Since we don’t directly compete, there is always help from others who are genuinely willing to assist. I built my business by myself for several years. Now I belong to a group of successful business men in my industry who are willing to share information and are only are a phone call away.” Wendell’s comments resonate the underlying goals of the 1-800-SWEEPER organization, which are; Make More Money, Have More Fun & Share More of Your Success.

The yacht social is just one of many events 1-800-SWEEPER hosts to empower its partners. To learn more about becoming a 1-800-SWEEPER partner, please contact Carolyn Bell by calling 1-800-SWEEPER or emailing