Points On Selling Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping up front is not a glamorous business. I always tell people our job is picking up dirty baby diapers from a dirty trashy parking lot. When we leave the parking lot it is clean! It is a very simple business! There are many benefits to communities where good parking lot sweeping is being done. Most customers on entering a parking lot are put off by a dirty parking lot. This is the first thing they see and is a first impression of the destination they are going, be it shopping center, restaurant, gas station, or their church. A clean parking lot not only looks good it is good for the environment. Here are a few benefits of sweeping. These are points that can be shared with property managers and owners, many of which they may not have thought about. In a world where everybody is talking about green, and being green, parking lot sweeping is one of the greenest things a community can do to maintain a green and clean environment.

1. A clean parking lot encourages people not to litter.

2. Vacuum sweeping a parking lot picks up debris grit that would go down the storm drain and will damage and impede storm water systems.

3. Sweeping a parking lot prolongs the life of parking surface. There is less wear on the surface area due to tire abrasion.

4. A clean vacuumed parking lot removes grit, dirt and sand from storm drain runoff systems.

5. A clean parking lot can deter loitering and crime.

6. A clean parking lot invites people to enter your business area and gives a positive feeling about your area.

7. In many states, trash removed from a parking lot and other sweeping areas are processed and recycle materials are separated.

As a new business, the potential of parking lot sweeping is one of the most consistent businesses there are. Although the glamour is not there, the constant and steady business is. The success of parking lot sweeping is building a strong and long lasting business relationship. Financial Companies have rated financing sweeping companies as one of the lowest risk loan programs of any business loans they make. Many have less than 5 percent failure rate. Developing and growing a sweeping business is all about service. Service is the only thing you are offering. Once you have established trust with your customer they can be a great source of reference to new business. The sweeping business will allow you to establish yourself in the business community, government community and the public as a cornerstone of your neighborhood community. The sweeping business allows you to be as big or small as you like. Many companies choose to make sweeping a part-time business while others have huge businesses with hundreds of employees. Basically they all do the same thing pick baby diapers up off of a parking lot!

The sweeping business also provides a platform to expand your service into many areas of your community. Some of the areas of service that can be developed are pressure washing, Landscaping and Landscape maintenance, Day Porttering, Lighting Repair, Janitorial, and General Property Maintenance. Once you are able to establish this wide range of service with each company the opportunity to build a long, profitable business is great.

In summary the parking lot sweeping business can be as big or small as you like. The key to the sweeping business like any other business is promotion. For a business to grow and be healthy, constant attention to promoting and customer follow-up is essential.

Story by Mike Dyck, General Manager, Masco Sweepers, Inc.
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