parking-lotWhat could they possibly have to do with each other? The answer–everything.

When a property owner decides to clean their paved surfaces they often look to the obvious trash and debris and make sure that it looks presentable at the end of the cleaning. But picking up the cans, cups, diapers, and plastic bags is only 1/3 of the story.

Underneath the paper cup are two more layers of problems.
The first is the dirt, sand, road salt, brake dust, and other particles that get tracked into the building wearing out the floor and increase the cost of maintenance, cleaning and even utilities.

And the second problem below the obvious trash includes the fine particulates of oil, grease, gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, and nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.
And all we need is a nice breeze or speeding traffic will lift those up and into the air we breathe. When they are thrown around like that – we call them “fugitive dust”

And once airborne it doesn’t just stay outside–it joins the dirt, sand, salt and grime that are attacking and damaging the inside of our buildings and homes and environment.

And if we are lucky a water hose or rain will come along and they are easily washed away.
Good, right? Wrong.

You see once those particles are washed away–they go right into our storm water system and enjoy the ride all the way to our streams, rivers, and lakes. While Phosphorus for example is an essential element for plant life, too much of it in our waters promotes massive algae blooms that in turn alters and lowers the oxygen supply. AND a cigarette butt is not trash–studies show that over half of the freshwater fish consider it to be highly toxic waste this happens to be our same supply of DRINKING WATER too.

And we have come full circle–our parking lot and street have contributed directly to our dead fish.

All of those micro-particles on our paved surfaces were created in factories and not for the purpose of breathing or drinking.

We professionally engineered the problem and we need to professionally engineer the solution–we can’t make it go away by picking up the obvious cups and pushing a broom over it.

Regular cleaning with Professional Power Sweeping of our paved surfaces is the only way to ensure that the dirt and sand will not be coming into our building and that the finer particles that are so damaging to our lungs and to the environment do not become fugitive dust or contaminate our water way.

By Professional Power Sweeping–we mean
· A Truck mounted Air Sweeper that is licensed
· And a service provider with multiple pieces of equipment that
are Well maintained and Insured
· A company who practices proper disposal of all debris
· And Professionals who are thorough in their operation –
including … blowing out corners, cleaning off sidewalks, and
servicing the rear of the facility
· They need to be Flexible enough to include on-demand cleaning
· And GPS fleet tracking is a plus – as it helps verify services and
time on the job

1-800-SWEEPER is a nationwide service network of independently owned power sweeping companies. Whose stringent guidelines for membership, maintenance requirements, buying power, and sharing of best practices–translates into better service and a better value for our customers and for our environment.

With ONE CALL to 1-800-SWEEPER and you can be confident that you have a professional, competent local business owner with the advantages of a National Reach.

The next time you are looking to clean your paved surface we hope that you think about the benefit that you are bringing to the environment and we also hope that you think about us.

1-800 Sweeper Fugitive Dust Video

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