A Year in Review

Sweeper Summit 2014 kicked off this year in Chicago, Illinois with a record high attendance. A dynamic two and a half day agenda was offered; rich in workshops designed to enhance sweeping businesses, empower owners, and help give attendees the competitive edge in the business market today.

Of the sessions, the benchmarking was the most in-depth. For the benchmarking session extensive hard data had been collected from participating 1-800-SWEEPER partners and then compiled to provide insight into sweeping business practices. The data was presented only to those who participated in the survey. There was an open floor Q&A session paired alongside the benchmarking which allowed for owners and managers to gain comprehensive insight.

In addition to the benchmarking, there were numerous accomplished guest speakers who are foremost experts in their industries. Most notable was keynote speaker Tom Searcy a leading expert on large account sales, having taken four companies valued at under $15 million to being valued as much as $200 million. Tom Searcy’s high energy workshop focused on cutting ties with problem customers, recruiting the right salesmen and how to hunt and get large accounts.

Additional keynote speakers in attendance were Nancy Drew and David Avrin. Nancy Drew is a social media sales specialist whose primary focus is LinkedIn. In Nancy’s workshop, members learned how to leverage LinkedIn to better generate business and new sales leads. David Avrin is a marketing specialist who spoke on the power of branding and creating a unique image of a business that competitors cannot easily hijack or leverage against a company. By leveraging their brand, a company can create a true competitive advantage over competition.

Nik Biddinger of Great Lakes Striping And Sealing in Traverse City, Michigan had this to say, “ The Sweeper Summit is something we all look forward to each year! It not only is a GREAT “reset” and refresher, but the team building experience and the ability to ask any of your peers within the group how “they” do things, adds a value that is immeasurable. Not only are you receiving information from your peers within the group but, 1-800-Sweeper ALWAYS brings in a couple nationally known presenters who knock your socks off and leave you with a DRIVE that will help you go back to your headquarters with a positive mind and ambition to do better within your organization. “

Also in attendance at the Sweeper Summit 2014 were various vendor. Vendors: United Rotary Brush, AmeriSource, Truckers B2B, Schwarze, and Nilfisk-Advance. Contributing vendor partners not present: Baldwin Filters. Contributing vendors: Tymco, Elgin Sweepers, Nite Hawk Sweepers, Stewart-Amos, Fairmont Specialty, Johnston North America, and Liberty Brush. These vendors were granted presentation time and engaged in product Q&A sessions with attendees, as well as offered problem solving insight and money saving tips. There was an insightful 1-800-SWEEPER buying group presentation hosted by Gregg Blair on the final day.

Though the days were busy with speakers and great information there was also some down time which allowed for networking, fellowship and fun! Most notable was the dinner at Bellwether’s, and the exciting bowling party at Lucky Strike Lanes.

At the end of the Summit, 1-800-SWEEPER President Mike Lucht presented a year in review presentation highlighting the alliances many highpoints from 2014. Of those high points was the creation of the ‘Dead Fish And Parking Lots’ environmental video which received coverage in Pavement Maintenance Magazine, and North American Sweeper Magazine. Additionally, the Sweeper Summit website received a complete redesign. Sweeper Summit 2015 is already in the works and expected to further strengthen and advance the sweeping industry.