TSS Facility Services

If there is a company worth learning a thing or two from, it’s TSS Facility Services. In business for over 28 years, TSS is a leader in the facility maintenance industry.
“The customers know we are constantly available,” says company CEO, Kenny Battiato. “Being in the service business, I think that is the key to our success.”
In a competitive industry, the difference between retaining customers can be attributed to the level of customer service and trust provided. TSS has recognized and worked to develop tools to cultivate their customer relationships.
“We try to be a one-stop shop for the customer,” says company president, Robert Christiano. “Any time they need something done, we can mobilize to their site and be their eyes and ears… Basically, we try to make their lives easier.”
In addition with their focus on customer service, TSS’ wide breadth of services include parking lot sweeping, snow removal, pressure washing and landscaping. They are available 24 hours a day and are diligent about putting the customer’s needs first. “We’re very responsive. We answer the phones here constantly. We get back to people quickly and try to address their issues right away,” says Christiano.
Obviously, having great customer service is something that all successful service businesses strive for. But what makes TSS exceptional?
“I think what it all comes back to is a very decent team of people that we’ve put together over the last 28 years,” says Battiato. “We operate at a higher level of professionalism that is demanded in the facility services world.”
This high level of service and professionalism is focused on sustaining long- term relationships. It is a mentality and investment for the community, clients and the environment.
“I like to say sweeping doesn’t cost, it pays. Having that sweeper on your parking lot means cleaning the fine particulates that cause alligatoring in your parking lots so that the life of the asphalt is extended. It’s not just sweeping your parking lot. All of the fine particulates that run off into catch basins, streams, rivers, lakes and ultimately the ocean —we’re catching that. So we’re keeping the towns and the environment cleaner.”
As a part of the forward thinking approach to the client, community and environment, TSS operates 18 state-of-the-art NiteHawk Raptor sweeper trucks. One of which features a special edition camo wrap that was purchased in support of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). All of the trucks run on LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) which produces a significantly lower amount of harmful emissions compared to gas and diesel.
“We’ve been using propane for almost a year now and it’s obviously creating a situation where we can help the environment. It allows us to keep our costs down and operate more efficiently and profitably. I believe this is also reflected in our service to our clients,” says Christiano.
TSS’ dedication to top level customer service and commitment to innovation has enabled them to become a premier maintenance service provider. With strong company values, a dedicated staff, and the right equipment, TSS will continue to operate one of the most successful facility maintenance service businesses in the nation.

You can learn more about TSS by visiting their website at tssfs.com
To learn more about using alternative-fuel sweeping trucks,
visit buyaltfuels.com