Not all organizations are alike or take a strong initiative when it comes to marketing. Since the inception of 1-800-SWEEPER there has been an awareness of the importance of successful marketing in the sweeping industry. Successful marketing not only details the classical formats, but also involves innovation and guerrilla tactics. Over the years, this has been a successful format for approaching tradeshows which are otherwise flooded with advertising messages, making it difficult to stand out as a brand. At the recent National Pavement Expo 1-800-SWEEPER once again engaged in their guerrilla tactics, pressing the importance of membership while also electing a new slogan.

Several new ad slogans were proposed by the 1-800-SWEEPER think-tank and put before the industry for their votes. These slogans included: Improve Your Revenue Stream, Mark Your Territory, Aim High, and Go #1 In Your Market. What was exceptional about this particular guerrilla campaign was that it capitalized on ‘wait marketing’, taking advantage of men standing at urinal stalls in the men’s restroom. The slogans were placed on urinal screens and distributed in men’s restrooms throughout the National Pavement Expo convention center, a marketing tactic never before executed. NPE attendees then voted on these slogans at the Sweepers Night Out and the 1-800-SWEEPER cocktail party. All entries were then eligible for a chance to win a RedMax handheld blower. The winner was David McCaskill.

The winning slogan was ‘Mark Your Territory’ and will appear in upcoming advertising campaigns throughout the year.

-Kerry Porter