Start Your Season Right

Spring is here and once again we are left to deal with the road damaged cause by another brutal winter. This winter some states suffered their coldest weather in years, and that cold weather resulted in a vicious freeze thaw cycle wreaking havoc on the road, streets, bridges, and parking lots across Canada and much of the U.S. So as the pavement repair and maintenance season begins to kick off, we want to share a few things to remember in preparation of the start of the season.

Your equipment is an essential part of your business operation and should be treated as such. You can’t make money if your equipment is sitting in the shop. Preforming preventative maintenance so your equipment is geared up and ready to go is vital. Preventative maintenance could include but is not limited to checking fluids, changing oil and filters, and checking high change parts. It is always a smart idea to stock high change parts at your facility, you know the saying “if something can go wrong it”, unfortunately many times this is the case but being prepared is a way to combat problems with equipment you face in the field.

We are always looking for deals and ways to save money. An easy way to save money is by ordering your consumable goods before the season actually begins, because most of the time the off season is a great time for deals and discounts. Things such as CRF, tack coating, oils, rubber, cleaning solvents are usually on sale during the downtime so an effective way to save money is by ordering these materials before you actually need them, that way you are getting prepared and saving a buck on goods you will eventually use anyway.
Prepare a strategy for obtaining new customers. During the winter many contractors experience some downtime, this is the time when you want to prepare an effective strategy to attract both new and previous customers. A strategy many use is referred to as a “Lunch & Learn”, this strategy is simply identifying potential customers and offering to do a demonstration of your service while providing a small lunch. A “Lunch & Learn” is a great way for your company to gain exposure and build customer rapport.

Once your season begins and you are in full swing, remember quality over quantity. Your business has built a reputation by providing a service satisfactory to the customer, so no matter how much business you get make sure you are still providing a quality service. Sometime contractors will get so busy they let standards fall, but remember you were awarded this work because you are offering a quality service for a fair price, so make sure you deliver on both. If you need to hire more employees to ensure work is being done properly and on time then do it, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

One final word to the wise is to always have a live voice answering phone calls and taking messages. No one likes talking to a machine or leaving messages, especially when that someone is trying to give you their business. So if you cannot afford to designate someone to be a full time secretary, make sure you are least answering and returning calls that you receive.