1-800-Sweeper Has Begun Heavily Capitalizing On The Influential Power Of Co-Branding

Recently 1-800-SWEEPER has begun heavily capitalizing on the influential power of co-branding. With co-branding in mind, 1-800-SWEEPER looked back at past initiatives and saw a great opportunity to be capitalized on with professional apparel. In the past, partners of 1-800-SWEEPER have worn white 1-800-SWEEPER branded shirts to various group functions. Though the shirts are professional, they did not convey the core concept of the organization. These shirts did not recognize the individuality of each of our partner’s unique businesses.
The newest shirt design features each partners’ company embroidered logo foremost on the front and incorporates their corporate colors into the shirts design, while on the back of the shirt is the 1-800-SWEEPER logo and slogan. When speaking to Mike Lucht, President of 1-800-SWEEPER, about the thought process behind the shirts design, he had this to share. “The shirts design complements the partner’s company while sending the message of strength and commitment of our organization as we move forward, while also representing that 1-800-SWEEPER “has your back”. I believe this is a more subtle, yet powerful, display of co-branding that more appropriately promotes 1-800-SWEEPER’s intended role in the partners’ organization.”
Partners of 1-800-SWEEPER responded to the shirt with overwhelming positive feedback and have placed their orders. Carl Barton of Aardvark Sweeping in Memphis had this to say about the new shirts, “Great idea! I would not hesitate wearing this in my market. In the past I only would wear my 1-800-SWEEPER shirt to 1-800-SWEEPER functions. I am going to get with my managers and put together an order.”
Partner companies will soon be wearing their co-branded shirts in their marketplace as well as at industry related events.