Why Quality Matters

The purchase of equipment is always an exciting time for a business. The purchase of new equipment indicates that your business has grown and developed to a point where it makes sense for you to investment in a new piece of equipment. Many prospective buyers make the mistake of looking for the least expensive equipment but often overlook quality. Much of the time the higher quality equipment is going to be a little more expensive however you as the buyer have to decide if the upfront investment will be worth it in the long run and often times it is. The well-known saying “you get what you pay for” holds particularly true in the equipment purchase process.
We have all had or know someone who has a bad experience with newly purchased equipment and it all comes back to one thing, quality. The quality, dependability, and reliability are not monetary values that you can calculate into the purchase price but something you have to evaluate on your own. But you can calculate the price of the parts you are going to have to replace 6 months down the road when the machine breaks down, not to mention the money you will be losing every day that equipment is in the shop rather than in the field working.
The buying process really breaks down into 3 steps: research, demonstrations, and final decision. The research step is to collect information on what is out there and get a better feel for what exactly you are looking for. During the research step you will also compile a list of vendors selling what you are looking for. Requesting a demo is one of the smartest things you will do during the process. A demo will ensure that the equipment is exactly what you are looking for and give you a chance to inspect the equipment top to bottom to ensure it is exactly what you want. Your final decision will be based to the preceding two steps. You will weigh the positives and negatives of each piece of equipment and vendor and make your final decision.