Sweeper Summit 2015

Sweeper Summit 2015 proved once again to be the power sweeping industry’s central hub of innovation and networking. From all over the nation 1-800-SWEEPER partners and industry vendors assembled in Phoenix, AZ on October 12-14 to listen to world class speakers, engage in extensive benchmarking and round table discussions followed by quality networking and social time with their peers. Throughout the 2 and a half day long Sweeper Summit there were many noteworthy highlights starting with the poolside reception at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort on Sunday evening.
Monday kicked off with an extensive analytical review of business data provided by 1-800-SWEEPER partners. Since 2012 Ken LaCroix of Signature Analytics has lead led the benchmarking workshop, providing 1-800-SWEEPER partners with critical insight into power sweeping business practices throughout the industry. The hard data compiled in this benchmarking exercise includes information on overtime pay rates, employee turnover, equipment costs, and other operations related spending. The benchmarking inspired many conversations as partners analyzed each other’s operating ratios, and sought solutions for problems that vex their businesses. Monday concluded with a group dinner hosted at the mountaintop restaurant A Different Point of View, which offers a stunning a panoramic view of Phoenix and the North Phoenix Mountain Preserves.
Tuesday morning was kicked off with special guest speaker Dan Barnett, whose message for the attendees was “Make or Break Execution”. The heart and soul of Dan’s message was for partner’s to develop business and personal objectives was to target the “one thing we must do” to achieve your goals. Harry Barth took the lead for Tuesday afternoon’s session, and provided attendees with critical insight into proper business and personal asset protection planning. Barth specifically focused on sensitive financial matters that many business owners and their advisors typically overlook.
Although Sweeper Summit concluded on Wednesday, the day turned out to be equally thanks to Professor of Neural Science and Psychology, Wendy Suzuk,i who made certain to keep attendees’ on their toes . Suzuki addressed the importance of physical activity in our lives and work places, and how it greatly impacts our mental health, ability to focus and creative thinking.
The Summit concluded with a wrap up by 1-800-SWEEPER President Mike Lucht. Lucht encouraged members of the group to reflect on what they have done to engage themselves within the group to date. He introduced “The Push” as the theme for the coming year to maintain focus on each Partner’s responsibility to each other. He said, “If you’ve done nothing to engage yourself in the group, do one thing now! If you’re doing things now, do one more thing! Everyone needs to PUSH each other, and together!” To the national alliance partners, this was a very powerful message and a motivational takeaway moving forward.
The 4th Annual Sweeper Summit of 2015 proved once more to be a hallmark event for the power sweeping industry.