The Newest iPhone SE

Ready to hit the stores any day now, Apple has outdone itself again. They have led the smartphone revolution and keep producing better and better products. There has been a surge in the liquid waste industry with more and more companies switching over to either cloud-based software or other types that let you manage your business from the touch of a button. Plus, more and more companies are outfitting their employees with smartphones, either iPhones or Androids, to complement their fleet management programs. So, we wanted to provide you with some up-to-date information on the latest product from Apple in order that you can maximize your use of iPhones, both in the office, in the field, and for family and private time.

The new SE of the new iPhone is a double-functioning suffix that stands for either “special edition” or size and enhanced.” This is from the Apple representatives. The newest SE model does feature a design similar to the 2013’s flagship edition, but it also comes newly equipped with upgraded internals—software and hardware features—that are a nice blend of the design you are used to, but top-notch technologies built from the past two iPhone upgrades. One pleasant design is the curved edges of the phone itself, made from the finest bead-blasted aluminum that everyone appreciated from the earlier models. This makes it easier to slip in and out of your pocket or purse as well as being more comfortable holding in your hand.

The Core Technology
The iOS (i operating system), Apple’s proprietary mobile user interface operating system is the second most popular and most sold mobile operating system in the world, next to Android systems. With the latest version, Apple’s iOS 9.3, in addition to all of the cool multi-touch screen functions such as being able to swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, is equipped with new internal accelerometers that help respond to shaking the device or rotating it to make it as three-dimensional as possible. In addition, great improvements have been made for a wider range of apps.
At the center of the iPhone SE is Apple’s A9, the same advanced microchip that came with the new iPhone 6s. The CPU performance is twice as better than the 5s model. It operates with a 64-bit top-class desktop-like architecture, which provides unbelievable speed and is quick to respond to any of your immediate commands. Plus, due to its console-class graphics performance, all of your games and apps appear on-screen wonderfully rich and immersive, which makes the iPhone SE operate with maximum performance. What is more, embedded directly into the A9 chip is Apple’s M9 motion coprocessor, which connects to the accelerometer, the compass and the gyroscope, just in case you like to track your fitness capabilities such as step measurements and distance moved. “Siri,” the iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant, is graded with numerous multi-tasking features, and more easily activated too. Simply say “Hi Siri” and it is up and running without you even needing to pick up the phone in your hand. Siri the personal assistant can do everything from place phone calls, to send your messages, to making dinner reservations, as well as many more features.
Another feature of the iOS is, of course, that it makes all other Apple products, such as the iPad and iPad touch, fully integrated and cross functional.

The newest app feature “News”
In addition to the standard features such as emailing, messaging, web browsing, map consultation, and note making, the iOS 9 brings to consumers a brand new app, adding on to the million and a half already available, which will greatly enhance the way you experience the news, aptly called “News.” The web-browsing technology new iPhone news app sifts through all of the latest news stories, and presents all of the latest and most interesting news on your screen. In this way, the news consumer does not have to go searching through a bunch of different websites and apps. It is all there in vivid color. The technology works to figure out the kinds of stories you are most likely to be interested in, and only presents the stories you like, and ignores the rest. Plus, the more you use the new news app, the better it gets at picking out, and starts customizing, just the news and newspapers and broadcasts that are of interest to the user.
The news app is also proving to be helpful with small business owners. For example, you the end-user can start creating engaging contents and publishing with the news format. Simply create one story, and instantly “News” optimizes for all iOS devices, so you can share information with end-readers no matter what device they happen to be using at the time. But that is only the beginning. Once you get more skilled at using the new News app, the new “News Publisher” makes it possible for you to create articles directly with the app due to its new web-based news editing tool, from which a variety of styles, fonts, added images and quotes can be easily generated. With these features is becomes easy for you to get the metrics so valuable for helping you better understand how readers are engaging with your content. If they seem to be engaged, fine. If not, you know where and what to modify or change, based on built-in readership metrics.
The new “News” app also comes equipped with a built-in advertising platform, great for small businesses to start practicing targeted advertising and marketing campaign management that is essential to keep your business relevant and growing. If you let Apple to sell ads for you, you keep 70% of the generated revenue but you keep your business relevant and growing. If you let Apple to sell ads for you, you keep 70% of the generated revenue but, on the other hand, you keep 100% of the revenue from the ads you personally sell.