Maintenance Records Means More Cash In Your Pocket

Greetings from NiteHawk Sweepers! As spring and summer are upon us, and after a long winter, it’s important to keep your trucks maintained and in exceptional shape.
We all know how important record keeping is for vehicle maintenance. The obvious benefits of reduced downtime, driver accountability, budgeting, and long term planning can be found in virtually every fleet magazine you pick up. However, a commonly overlooked benefit is what those maintenance records could mean to your resale value.
Let’s face it. In our line of work we are tough on our equipment. This intrinsic fact makes purchasing used sweepers a risky proposition to the potential buyer. The greater the information available regarding equipment history, the lower the risk and a higher probable sale price. To make your equipment stand out from the rest, document your maintenance, and offer those detailed records to the prospective buyer.
Both small and large businesses can reap the financial rewards of detailed fleet maintenance records. One large service company in the Southeast is a fantastic example of this. When the company plans to sell one of their used sweepers, they send pictures and detailed service records to us at NiteHawk. There is often a waiting list to purchase this company’s well maintained machines. With this information, we are able to pre-sell their units months in advance of actual availability. This results in a win-win for both parties – the seller’s equipment maintains a higher value and the buyer gets a reliable used unit with no surprises.
Maintenance logs should list the date, service performed, technician responsible, and parts used. The key is documenting all relevant data in a concise, consistent, easy to review method. You do not need to reinvent the wheel – from excel spreadsheets, online programs or mobile apps there are many available tools for making record keeping efficient.
However you decide to do it, it’s important to remember that any type of maintenance records are better than none. Don’t forget to contact your individual equipment manufacturer for product specific maintenance schedules. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to send you a service schedule for your model of NiteHawk sweeper.
NiteHawk has many resources available for equipment maintenance, tips on running effective sweeping companies, how to secure the best financing, and much more. We also have information online about our All New Raptor. It’s the best sweeper we’ve ever built. With it’s Massive Capacity 5 Cubic Yard Hopper, exponential increase in airstream performance, innovatively redesigned debris head, advanced user controls – it’s a revolutionary step forward.
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