1-800-SWEEPER Celebrates 5 Years Of Success!

As an independent small business owner, it is easy to feel isolated and without allies within the industry. For most of us, the largest asset that we have is the business that we have built through our hard work and dedication. It is everyone’s goal to see their business grow to become a thriving enterprise that can be sold or passed onto family members in an orderly fashion. The 1-800-SWEEPER partnership can assist you in achieving these fundamental, yet very critical and complicated goals. The 1-800-SWEEPER partnership provides a platform for assisting you in structuring your business to maximize value, in such a way that it is most attractive to outside investors or strategic buyers.
For years 1-800-SWEEPER has addressed the challenges that the fragmented power sweeping industry faces. Some of these challenges are unique to the power sweeping industry that demands years of experience to understand. As successful independent industry insiders, the 1-800-SWEEPER partnership focuses on the specific challenges of owning a power sweeping business head-on. Challenges such as hiring the right employees for the job, reducing overhead costs through the power of a large buying group, how to dominate local markets through an online presence, staying atop of ever changing and evolving technology in the industry, hands free national branding /marketing, and more.
A 1-800-SWEEPER Partnership offers:
• Powerful Buying Group With Deep Discounts
• Rebate Participation On Purchases
• Exclusive Sales Leads
• No Loss of Independence or Control Of Your Business
• Dynamic Online Marketing
• Exclusive Territory Representation
• Industry Insider Knowledge And Resources
• Regional Meetings and an Annual Sweeper Summit executive retreat
• Industry Benchmarking Exclusive To Partners
• National Branding Presence And Leverage
• Hiring and Training Tools, and More!

Government regulation, technology, business practices and more are ever changing at an increasing pace and business owners need not face them alone. By joining the 1-800-SWEEPER Partnership, owners of power sweeping companies gain the competitive edge and leverage of the 1-800-SWEEPER brand while increasing the value of your business through this unique business model. To learn more about joining 1-800-SWEEPER as a partner contact Carolyn Bell at CBell@1800SWEEPER.com or call 1-800-762-6978.