Hiring Profile

What is the secret to finding the best possible employees for operating parking lot and street sweeping equipment? For years employee turnover rates have plagued the power sweeping industry. For equally as long, owners and managers alike have struggled to define just what traits make the perfect employee for the sweeping industry. Many questions perplex the hiring process: Does an introvert make a better night operator? Should day operators exclusively be more extroverted? How important are traits such as independence and self-motivation to the ideal candidate for the job? Eager to tackle this complex industry wide dilemma, 1-800-SWEEPER has initiated a state-of-the-art and revolutionary study to define just what makes the ideal sweeper operator for either a parking lot sweeper or a more versatile large broom or vacuum sweeper.
1-800-SWEEPER has recently teamed up with the HR professionals at ApplicantPro to develop a complete profile of the most desired personality traits of day/utility and night/parking lot sweeper operators, while alerting employers to other aspects that may be detrimental to the sweeper’s success in a given role. These comprehensive profiles will focus on the many different traits that define the best candidates with the greatest potential for success for both of these positions that are unique to the power sweeping industry. To compile these statistics the partners of 1-800-SWEEPER tested some of their current employees, and even going so far as to test former employees to reveal the common traits to successful and unsuccessful hires.
A total of 23 personality traits in over 70 individuals were assessed by the 1-800-SWEEPER partners that are being analyzed by the ApplicantPro Assessments team. Traits such as optimism, helping disposition, assertiveness, energy, cognitive ability, safety, and even substance abuse attitudes will be observed. Candid checks are built into this testing to ensure that the testing is not easily gamed or exploited into giving false results. The tested traits and assessments used are based on over 10,000 highly detailed psychological studies which are scientifically respected and used by Fortune 500 companies. Every aspect of these tests and studies are legal, and are in compliance with US labor, privacy, and civil rights laws.
Furthermore, the ApplicantPro Assessment System is integrated with the online and paperless ApplicantPro Applicant Tracking System (ATS), providing a seamless solution for locating, screening and testing applicants for 1-800-SWEEPER partners with instant private results to managers and owners through individual company sites. The system broadcasts ads with Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Craigslist and local job boards and is sensitive to government regulations such as affirmative action. Additional benefits include background checks, drug screening, MVR reports and tax credit notifications. The results of this comprehensive hiring solution are available within the 1-800-SWEEPER partnership exclusively, providing 1-800-SWEEPER partners with an innovative and scientifically proven hiring advantage.
Hiring smarter results in hiring better employees, improved productivity and jobsite safety with less cost for training, all due to a lower turnover rate.
With better hiring practiced through this online comprehensive operator recruiting, screening and pre-employment profile testing tool, partners will undoubtedly save money and gain a competitive advantage.
To learn more about becoming a 1-800-SWEEPER partner, please contact Carolyn Bell at cbell@1800SWEEPER.com or call 419-708-4847.
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