To the Dump, to the Dump, to the Dump…

No, the title of this article is not the theme to the Lone Ranger; it’s what many sweepers face handling every hopper load of debris. If your sweeper has a low dump hopper, then you’re faced with dumping in a landfill, a transfer station or on the ground where the pile eventually has to be moved again, costing you time and money.
Luckily today there are a number of high dump sweepers that are UP for the task. From the smaller parking lot sweepers to the large street sweepers, from mechanical to air machines and from two cubic yard hoppers to six cubic yards with six tons of lifting capacity. It’s obvious how the productivity of a sweeper is increased using a high dump style machine. It’s especially apparent on larger sweeps with multiple hopper loads where you can offload into a dumpster or dump truck without having to leave the job site or neighborhood. With dump trucks having a much higher capacity than the sweeper, it cuts down on the trips to the dump site. And even when the dump truck is finally full and headed to the dump, the sweeper can continue to do what it does best, sweep.
When dumping into dumpsters, be sure not to overload the dumpster to the point where it can’t be lifted. Heavier loads such as rock and sand may require a roll-off bin style dumpster. Many sweeping contractors now add roll-off dumpster trash removal service to their business offerings. An excellent option for their customers and it compliments their full sweeping service.
If you are in the market for a high dump sweeper and are researching your options, keep in mind that you do not have to sacrifice any features. Make sure to choose a sweeper that:

• Is easy to use and maintain
• Has all the performance you need to pick up a full range of debris
• Has ample hopper capacity
• Will lift high enough to clear the side boards on your tallest dump truck or into your dumpster
• Is stable when fully raised and has safety features
• Is quiet and has low noise emissions

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