How to Save Thousands through Year End Planning.


This popular saying illustrates a life lesson worth learning over and over. For many small business owners, hard work is usually not the problem. Crises arise and push yearly planning down the list of priorities until before you know it, you’re scrambling to keep up especially if you haven’t spent the time to develop and implement a well thought out plan. Knowing how to develop an effective plan is not only a great relief and opportunity for your business, but it can help to save thousands of dollars a year.
Whether it’s budgeting your personal time or laying out your strategic growth, time spent planning can yield exponential returns. Successful sweeping companies that emphasize the planning process can position themselves to take advantage of opportunities like:
• Yearly tax deductions
• Reduced mileage and repair costs
• Maximized trade in allowances
• Seasonal prediction of sales cycles and job turnover
• Growth opportunities
By taking advantage of these and other benefits, the focus shifts from crisis management to proactive growth. Efficient planners have the freedom to control and dictate their environment rather than react to it. This inevitably leads to more money and time investment in the areas that will generate the greatest returns.
This past year NiteHawk spent significant time with one of our customers, their accountants, and operations manager to develop a simple and comprehensive fleet turnover policy. This initial up front time investment yielded thousands of dollars in immediate savings. With another sweeping contractor, we helped to streamline their alternative fuel tax credit process, enabling the business to take advantage of major yearend savings.
At NiteHawk, we appreciate the chance we have to get to know your company and help you realize your goals. Decades of experience working with successful businesses across the globe has given us a broad knowledge base. We can help you with everything from organizing a comprehensive fleet plan to providing a friendly ear to bounce a marketing idea off of. Best of all, we stand ready to provide any and all assistance completely free of charge. This information and more is available by calling our 800-448-9364 number and talking to any of our team members. Give us a call and we will earn your trust. You work hard, let us help contribute to your business
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