1-800-SWEEPING Goes National In A Big Way

Mike Musto of U.S. Pavement Services is truly a forward thinker. For one thing, he’s developed a business plan with his own paving company and a marketing strategy for others in the industry that gets them results. This is a special opportunity that he is more than happy to tout its many benefits. What is this amazing service? 1-800 numbers for contractors. That’s right; it’s just a simple phone number idea that is actually quite genius when you think about it. He gets right to the point when talking to him about why his network of “1-800” numbers are the best in the business for contractors, who own companies around the United States and Canada. This is a method of getting leads in a very traditional way, as he figured this concept out first by applying it to his own industry in pavement maintenance and construction.
When asked how he came up with the idea, Mike notes that it all started when finalizing his marketing plan for his company – U.S. Pavement Services, “I realized that vanity numbers would be an excellent and memorable marketing tool that can be splashed on everything from our signs and trucks, to websites and t-shirts. A vanity number can tell customers what you do, how to contact you, and is easily remembered.” says Musto. “Trucks and equipment featuring the number become moving billboards. It turned out to be the best marketing move we’ve made in over 30 years in business.”

A History of Success
Mike got his start in the paving industry in 1985, and acquired the number 1-800-PAVEMENT for his contracting business twenty (20) years later in 2005. Shortly thereafter he realized that this type of number could help others in the industry. “We saw an increased response in phone calls and leads through our advertising efforts, which ultimately lead to more sales.” says Musto. So he took control of many other numbers like it in the industry. That included some in blacktop (1-800-BLACKTOP), sealcoat (1-800-SEALCOAT), and asphalt (1-800-ASPHALT) that were closely aligned with the pavement industry, but also turned his sights to sweeping and the 1-800-SWEEPING number. It’s this interest in helping sweeping companies make significant gains on their clientele that will make this number invaluable to contractors. It’s the absolute perfect number for their marketing strategy. The number is a snap to remember, so when plastered on all collateral for a business, including trucks and signage, it’s going to bring immediate results.

Now it’s Available to Sweepers Nationwide
With the sweeping market and licensing of that number in full swing for the company, it started out in 2016 as only available to a select few, but once 2017 hits, it will be available to the entire industry. That’s exciting news for sweeping companies who want a more efficient way to gain attention for their brand and route their calls in a more direct way. There is no call center involved here. The 1-800-SWEEPING calls go directly to the sweeping company, routed locally by area code, so that the leads come directly to the contractors. Each company owns control of that 1-800 number in their market. It’s a flat fee based on the number of area codes your company might need.
For example, just to show you a little bit about how successful this new venture is, the network took in more than 40,000 calls in 2016. 66 percent of those calls were from new customers and leads. Phone calls typically covert to opportunities at a much higher rate than e-mail or web-based leads. This means that a simple phone call still has a powerful result in terms of ROI for businesses. 40,000 calls alone can translate into millions of dollars’ worth of business. It’s just that simple to look at. Calls means something and Mike Musto certainly tapped into that knowledge in a big way. People are more likely to purchase your services as a prospective client with just the motivation to make the call. The 1-800 numbers just make it all that much easier to remember. Other numbers in the network are the following: 1-800-SEALCOAT, 1-800-ASPHALT, 1-800-BLACKTOP, 1-800-STRIPING, 1888-PAVEMENT, 1-800-SWEEPING, AND 1-800-DRIVEWAY.
With the 1-800-SWEEPING number going national, this number is only going to skyrocket going into the New Year. 2017 promises to be a big year in the sweeper industry, with a little help from Mike Musto and his team of dedicated marketing professionals.