Should You Redo Your Website? 5 Signs It’s Outdated

Do you judge companies on their websites? If you do, you’re not alone. Think about it. People are forming opinions about your company based on your website alone. Is it up to the standard it should be? Modern. Fresh. Easy to use. Those are all common elements, but look a step further for a moment. Your website is just one part of the key to your success as a sweeping company. Granted, it’s becoming a more and more important part each day in this viral focused world. Don’t think for a second that in this modern era, the first thing a potential customer isn’t going to do is check out your website. They absolutely do! If you are analyzing whether or not to redo your website, in all honesty it’s probably time. Or it might even be long overdue. Here are five signs your website for the sweeping industry is outdated.

Your Website Is NOT Mobile Friendly
It’s estimated that 92% of Americans own a smartphone according to the Pew Research Center. That means more and more people are accessing the internet via one of these devices. You need to make sure your website translates to a mobile friendly version. Many companies aren’t taking this fact into account and are greatly missing out on business potential. This is easy to remedy by taking steps to make sure your website has a responsive layout to adapt to mobile phones and smaller tablets in the most effective way.

Navigation Is A Chore
You don’t want to give your potential clients work. You are hoping to do some work for them, so making the navigation on your website a chore is a big mistake. For example, sometimes people are just looking for your contact information. Make this a prominent part of your website. If the navigation to find certain information is a pain, then they might just click off to something else, leaving you in the dust. Navigation needs to be logical, easy to follow, and gives the client exactly what they want to see without much effort on their part.

Load Times Are Slow
We hate to say this because it’s a scary statistic, but prevailing theory is that you have exactly five seconds to capture a potential lead’s attention. Think about that. Five seconds isn’t very long. The problem businesses have with slow load times is that your potential customer isn’t going to stick around. They need to be engaged within seconds in order to stay on your website. People are fickle on the internet nowadays, and expecting things lickity split is a reality. Don’t expect them to be patient with your website. That’s not going to happen. You want to grab their attention to keep them on your page as long as possible, until they become your new client.

Doesn’t Take SEO Into Account
You might have started your website when SEO wasn’t such a big deal. It is now. You want your potential client base to be able to find you easily in a Google search with keywords that are common for the services they are looking for. Try to look into a website such as Buzzsumo, which will give you analytics for certain keywords in your sweeping industry. Marketing agencies and SEO experts look to this website to give them key analytics in highly searched for content on the web.
Google Analytics is also a perfect tool for discovering keywords that will be effective on this most important search engine. The holy grail of search engines is still Google. Know what’s going to put your sweeper company at the very top of their list when someone searches.

It’s Just Boring
The visual design of your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the user. Not Vegas showgirl flashy, but it doesn’t have to be boring. This is the most simple aspect that you need to update. Make sure your fonts are easy to read, pictures are updated, and the colors you use in the background are pleasing to the eye. This is especially important in the B2B category. They are looking for a solution for their needs in the end, but they still don’t mind being entertained a little along the way.
Your design needs to be memorable to enhance your sweeping brand. You want eye catching call to actions, bigger texts, and simplicity goes a long way. That being said, your website needs to have some style. For example, More Clean Of Texas has a terrifically styled website that is easy to navigate, not boring at all, and is absolutely effective. Their logo is simple and memorable.
An updated website can do wonders for your business in the sweeping industry. The sooner you get it re-done, the better results you’ll glean from its overhaul. Just like your night crew sweeps away dirt and debris for your customers, shaking the dust off an old website will do your company a ton of good.