Updating Your Computer Systems

Having a thriving sweeping business comes with its own set of challenges. One of those shouldn’t be your computer system. With all the technology updates to make computers more affordable and user-friendly, it’s easy to give your system a whole new makeover. Not only is this geared towards making your office space more paperless and environmentally savvy, but it can aid in running your business day to day, with less technical glitches. So it’s time to kick your old system to the curb, sweeping it out of sight to make way for a new one. Here are a few options to consider that might make sense for your sweeper business, when looking at new computers.

Determine Your Maximum Budget
This is obviously one of the most important factors when looking into a new computer system. Determine what your budget range will be. If you have a maximum figure in mind, stick to it. There are great systems available for business in a variety of price options.
By knowing this, you’ll be able to better figure out what models of computers fit into those parameters. Also look at exactly how many units you’ll need for the office. It might only be one main terminal or tower, with a high performance desktop, or you might be able to get away with a few advanced laptop systems that are portable.
It all depends on who will be using the computers, and how you’d like it to be set up for you. If you hate the old archaic desktop you have with thousands of wires clogging up your desk, it may be time to streamline into a laptop system. The technology with laptops nowadays is about as advanced as many desktops, so you don’t have to worry about performance issues.

Look Into Highly Rated Models
For an office setting, it’s vital to look over some of the best systems on the market. There are comprehensive reviews sites that you can trust to give you up-to-date information for each new year. The 2017 models are already rated and online.
Some of those include the Dell Optiplex, Lenovo Thinkcentre, and Apple iMac. This is according to a study done by PC Magazine, a very reputable source. The chart they have goes over all the details of each unit, including processor speeds (very important), RAM storage, and operating systems. That way you’ll be able to make a more informed choice on what will work for your office space.

Add On Portable Units For Your Workers If Needed
You may be able to add on portable units for your workers, if you need to. This might include tablets, or laptops that are geared towards durable use. Panasonic makes a variety of “toughbook rugged” laptops that won’t get beat-up too much in the field. Or you can investigate cases for different tablets that will withstand getting dropped accidentally, or even sat on. Not judging your busy overnight sweeping task force, but you need to give them sturdy options when they are out in the field.

Make The Transition During An Off Time
Making the transition should be done on a down day. This might be a weekend day, or something outside of normal business hours. If you need to bring in a tech savvy person to help you set up the system for you, that’s a good idea as well.
Pay someone who is a tech expert that is going to set up the system correctly, so you don’t have issues later on. Plus, a computer guru will be able to explain some concepts about your new computer system that you might not have been aware of, if you tried to set it up yourself. This just makes it easier to use from the get-go, so you can focus on your sweeping business being the best it can be. Your computer systems don’t have to be a point of contention when you pick out the right one to use. Making the leap to update may cost a little money in the beginning, but in the long run you’ll have an updated system you’ll love to use.